Mini Whiteboards

Mini Whiteboards and Workboards at competitively low prices. Small whiteboards and workboards are great for pro-active and collaborative learning. Available in a range of surface options and sizes, our mini whiteboards range lots of options to choose from.

In addition to small plain whiteboards we can supply a range of magnetic workboards, desktop whiteboards and mini chalkboards.

Transform the way you teach in the classroom

Regular notebooks and workbooks can be wasteful, especially considering the amount of paper wastage for repetitive learning exercises. With Mini Whiteboards, you’re offered a great solution for students to take notes, draw, collaborate and learn without the use of paper. The different styles and easy-to-clean design also ensures countless uses with a single whiteboard, paving a new, more sustainable way to teach and learn.

So many different styles to choose from

The collection includes compact desktop whiteboards that are an ideal solution for one on one or small group studies, parent-child collaborative learning, or tabletop activities in classrooms. Our mini whiteboards include standard frameless A4 whiteboards with an MDF core for simple study tools and a reusable, eco-friendly alternative to workbooks.

The collection also includes unique study workboards like our math flexitables which aid students in quick multiplications. Our silver framed whiteboards are versatile for classroom and other uses, with rounded safety corners and a magnetic surface. We also offer double sided boards, BAT whiteboards and classroom whiteboard starter packs in vibrant colours. Not just whiteboards, we also include non-magnetic chalkboards for a more traditional way to teach.

Available in a combination of individual pieces, multiple-piece packs and a wide range of sizes, our whiteboards are a great solution for classrooms and groups of all sizes.

Durable and reliable classroom whiteboards

At Teacher Boards, we pride ourselves in the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each of our whiteboards. Having your business’ use patterns and demands in mind, we have curated a line of Mini Whiteboards that can stand the test of time, Our boards come in a wide range of sizes and designs with specific materials geared towards the target age or audience including magnetic boards with hardwearing plastic for nursery and preschoolers, MDF core lapboards for primary schoolers and aluminum frame boards for students of all ages.

The durable materials are resistant to breakage caused by routine drops or bumps, ones that can be expected in classrooms.

Low maintenance and easy to use

Our Mini whiteboards and magnetic workboards are designed to ensure minimal to no regular upkeep or replacement. The drywipe boards are super easy to clean with mess-free surfaces. The soft coating ensures a clean wipe for non-permanent markers, allowing easy maintenance of your boards and ensuring that they stay white for as long as they’re in use.

Plenty of use cases

Our collection of mini-whiteboards are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade to a high-quality board that is easy to store, use and carry around. The slim design makes these boards a great option for multiple user setups like

Schools: great for collaborative learning opportunities in classrooms. It allows for easy writing, cleaning, and rewriting, making it a great tool across different classrooms and subjects. The smooth design makes for a smooth writing and drawing experience for young learners.

Workshops: from business conclaves to online classes and workshops, these different whiteboards offer plenty of ways to connect, collaborate and teach.

Shops, restaurants, and places of business: great for writing temporary messages and announcements for restaurants, cafes, malls, small businesses, etc. with the freedom of placing your message boards around multiple points across the store.

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