Frameless Whiteboards

Frameless whiteboards are a new breed of the traditional office essential. These whiteboards truly expand on the possibilities of what can be done with whiteboards both literally and figuratively. Our frameless whiteboards collection offers both businesses and schools a writing solution that is not limited by size or space. With these, you get a slim and sophisticated design that blends in with the most contemporary and minimalist office setups while seamlessly fitting to any wall space. Attached directly to the surface using an adhesive, these frameless magnetic whiteboards offer you the freedom of customization. Whether you need a writing space cut to a unique size or shape, you can do so by simply cutting it or placing multiple whiteboards side by side.

The flexibility and easy installation also allow you to attach it to pretty much any flat surface from tabletops to walls, transforming any office or classroom space for maximum productivity. Great for displaying both in portrait or landscape, our drywipe wipe boards will change the way you look at whiteboards.

No frames, no problem

These frameless whiteboards are designed for users who prefer seamless design and aesthetics without compromising on durability and function. These magnetic whiteboards come with a high-quality writing surface and no frames. This allows you to tile them together to create custom sizes—a problem that is frequent with old-school framed whiteboards. Available in rolls and standalone whiteboards, our frameless magnetic whiteboard removes limitations and optimizes for any scale of use from single boards to an entire whiteboard wall.

Optimized for space and use cases

Our frameless whiteboards are perfect for equipping offices and home workspaces with writing boards while maximizing the available space. These can be directly attached to the wall without requiring any drilling and can be used in a horizontal and vertical orientation. The seamless tile design allows you to expand your available writing space as much as possible by simply cutting and placing the whiteboard—from meeting room walls to entire bedroom walls.

Whiteboards are great tools for brainstorming, laying out detailed plans, visual demos, presentations and team discussions; and with our frameless whiteboards, you’ll never run out of writing space. These also work well for kindergartens and schools, allowing you to coat tables with a functional whiteboard for easy and collaborative book-free learning.

Durable and convenient design

Unlike standard freestanding whiteboards, frameless whiteboards don’t have the risk of damage caused by regular movement. These are also coated with a flame retardant with a fire rating of Class 0 and 1 to BS476 part 6 and 7. With an easy installation similar to wallpapers, these whiteboards can be added to all kinds of office, school and business setups.

The magnetic surface also allows you to hang posters and notices using a whiteboard magnet. We also offer drywipe wipe boards with a pen shelf and a premium lacquered surface for a smooth finish that can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth.

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