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Sundeala Safe Push Door Plates - 100% Coronavirus Free in 5 Minutes!

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Sundeala FR Safe Push Door Plates are 100% coronavirus free in 5 minutes and are designed to be attached to doors with no-screw fixings making them easy to remove after use.

Sundeala FR requires no cleaning to ensure it is coronavirus free. Sundeala FR Safe Push Door Plates are fantastic for reducing the spread of virus from high-touch door surfaces and reducing the burden of frequent cleaning. Ideal for schools, universities, student accommodation and a wide variety of workplaces.

Bespoke sizes are available upon request. Also available in Sundeala FR Colourboard on request.

We can confirm that our FR board (Class B: used in circulation spaces, corridors and other busy areas)is both 100% safe from viral transmission from contact with the surface within 5 minutes of infection and 100% virus free throughout after 5 minutes of infection.

  • 100% Coronavirus free after 5 minutes
  • Fire rated to Class B-s1, d0 (EN 13501-1) and complies with UK building regulations for use as a wall lining in all areas of a building.
  • 100% recycled and recyclable. Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Attach to any door to help reduce the spread of coronavirus in schools, offices spaces, and other busy environments
  • No added VOCs or formaldehydes
  • Adhesive tabs fixing pack included with every board
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  • Product Details
    Product Details

    Sundeala FR Safe Push Door Plates are 100% coronavirus free in 5 minutes. They are designed to be attached to any door to help adhere to the current social distancing requirements and to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.

    Our Push Plates can be used in schools and office buildings and do not require any screws for fixing to the door and can be removed without damaging the surface. The Sundeala FR Board is used as a barrier between the surface of the door and the person opening it. Because Sundeala FR is coronavirus free after 5 minutes, using the Push Plates for doors can act as a protective measure in reducing the spread of coronavirus in busy areas.

    • Independently tested in an ISO 17025 compliant laboratory
    • Tested with human coronavirus cultured in cells derived from lung tissue to accurately simulate a 'real life' situation
    • Tested across multiple board samples at a variety of time points to ensure scientifically robust results

    The standard size options for the Sundeala Push Plates are: 295x395mm and 115x595mm. Bespoke options are available for size and colour, please get in touch for further details and pricing.

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