Primary School Safety Screens

We manufacture Sundeala Safety Screens which are a great solution for decreasing the spread of germs and bacteria in primary schools. If you are looking to partition classrooms to adhere to the current Covid-19 safety advice, our Sundeala partitions have been tested and show that they do not inhale the bacteria or virus, nor do they sit on the surface making them safe for use in corridors and other higher risk areas.

Sundeala is also pinnable making our screens a great presentation and display tool. Available in a variety of colour options, choose from Red, Blue, Lilac, Green, Grey, Charcoal, and Wheat.

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  1. Sundeala VES Mobile Anti-Microbial Whiteboards
    Special Price £316.80 £264.00
  2. Plexiglass Transparent Desk Divider Screen with Two Clamps
    Special Price £117.59 £97.99
  3. Sundeala Junior Pin Board Screen with Ash Wood Frame - Class D
    Special Price £166.80 £139.00
  4. Mobile Sundeala Pin Board Screen with Aluminium Frame - Class D
    Special Price £138.60 £115.50
  5. Sundeala SD Safety Screen - Portrait
    £163.32 £136.10
  6. Sundeala SD Safety Screen - Landscape
    £163.32 £136.10
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