Pin Boards & Cork Boards

Our pin boards are excellent value for money and many of them are made by hand in our UK factory, enabling us to produce bespoke boards on request and deliver direct to the customer at a fantastic price point.


Available in ‘soft touch’ loop nylon, felt, corded hessian and cork finishes, we have a pin board to suit every need. Including lockable and mobile boards. We also stock Sundeala pin boards which are made from recycled waste paper with a high quality sanded surface in a variety of muted colours.

An attractive notice board is a must in any office, meeting room or even home offices. They can display important information such as safety guidance, company annoucements or messages to keep you and your team motivated. A cork board is a great place to start if you're wanting to add something to empty walls as you can easily change the display or move it to another location.

A great benefit of cork boards is that the are durable and long lasting. You replace notices on them many times over without losing quality. Once you buy your board you don't need to worry about replacing it in the near future and it will even act as a sound absorber in noisy working environments.

They're also perfect for gyms to display workout information and even in retail to display special offers and promote product launches.

TeacherBoards has all the products you need to get you started. We supply cork boards and pin boards in whole range of sizes and colours for any purpose.

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