Mobile Notice Boards & Screens

Hang, pin and stick all your important notes, notices, pictures and announcement cards wherever you want with our collection of mobile notice boards. These notice boards are designed to be moved around and are perfect for your temporary and time-sensitive displays including special occasions, meetings, and presentations. The inclusion of heavy-duty industry-grade castors allows these portable display boards to be easily moved around without any effort.

Available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours, these portable display boards are a great addition to smaller spaces. Made in the UK, these pinboards are certified for safety and also come with maximum protection from any surface viral transmission, ensuring that your employees, clients and/or students are safe.

Plenty of options to choose from

Our curated collection ensures that you find exactly what’s best suited for your needs whether it’s an educational institution looking for a portable display board or an office in need of a pinboard combination that solves more than one problem.

  • Our classic mobile non-magnetic combination whiteboards are great for those who need a 2-in-1 solution for writing and note-pinning. These class-D fire-rated boards are also available in up to 20 different felt colours and feature a durable metal frame with 360° rotatable rubber tyre castors.
  • For classroom and office use, our junior pinboards offer a colourful felt surface on a solid ash frame. These pinboard screens are not just hard-wearing but also rated high for virus resistance.
  • Our mobile role-playing pinboard on wheels features both whiteboards and pinboards to offer kids a fun new way to enjoy all their favourite role-playing games.
  • Our safety screens are a new offering that allows a seamless way to ensure social distancing by creating temporary blocks, dividers and barriers. These can also be doubled as notice boards and can be repurposed for a wide range of displays from pinned notices to artwork canvases.

Our wide collection of felt corded hessian and whiteboard/notice board combinations cover almost every use case while giving you the benefit of seamless mobility.

Eco-friendly and safe

Unlike most whiteboards and pinboards, at Teacher Boards all our pinboards are made with 100% recycled papers and fibres. Not only does this limit pollution and plastic waste, but also offers you a way to make a positive difference without having to stretch the budget or limit yourself with options. The high fire resistance and porosity ensure durability and robustness to withstand continued usage for years without a hint of wear and tear.

Designed and manufactured in the UK 

At Teacher Boards, our whiteboards are designed and manufactured in the UK. This ensures that each mobile notice board adheres to the laws of the land and the high quality & safety requirements. This also allows us to offer continued support and after-sale service from seamless setups to worry-free returns. Our team of experts also help guide you while buying your mobile notice board and can create bespoke solutions to your specific requirements too.

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  1. Sundeala SD Safety Screen - Portrait
    £163.32 £136.10
  2. Sundeala SD Safety Screen - Landscape
    £163.32 £136.10
  3. Mobile Felt Pin Board Screen - Class D Fire Rated Core
    Special Price £164.70 £137.25
  4. Mobile Sundeala Pin Board Screen with Aluminium Frame - Class D
    Special Price £162.36 £135.30
  5. Rainbow Mobile Felt Pinboard - Class D Fire Rated Core
    Special Price £180.48 £150.40
  6. Double-Sided Corded Hessian Display Mobile Notice board - Class D Fire Rated Core
    Special Price £135.60 £113.00 Regular Price £216.00
  7. Junior Screen with Aluminium Frame - Class D Fire Rated Core
    Special Price £66.00 £55.00 Regular Price £126.66
  8. Sundeala Junior Pin Board Screen with Ash Wood Frame - Class D
    Special Price £166.80 £139.00
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