Why choose a glass board

Whiteboards have been a popular and effective learning tool since the 1950s. Well-used within all working and learning environments, they have stood the test of time. So, when it comes to choosing the right whiteboard for your home, office, or workspace, there are is quite a bit to consider, from the size, to whether you want it hanging on the wall or whether you prefer a mobile option; all the way to what material you would prefer it to be made out of. This is the number one question on everyone’s lips.

Do you or do you not, choose one of the increasingly popular glass whiteboards? A modern day triumph, they are much sleeker than the original whiteboard, removing the bulky border, and offer a more stylish, modern and professional look in any workspace, office or classroom.

But what else makes them so special?

Let’s take a look:

Glass whiteboards are stain resistant

Traditional dry wipe boards are difficult to prevent from staining. Even with constant attention and cleaning, they are prone to producing a shadow after wiping down, and that initial crisp whiteness is difficult to get back to once you’ve put pen to board.

Glass whiteboards, on the other hand, have been specifically designed to resist such staining, and discolouration is almost obsolete! You can even use permanent marker on a glass whiteboard and remove if a change is needed. Their non-porous material prevents any penetration of the surface, so ghosting is a thing of the past.

Glass whiteboards are highly durable

Glass whiteboards are made from toughened safety glass, so there is no danger of damage when you press down firmly to write on them. The toughened glass is also supported by either a steel or aluminium back-plate, adding further strength, as well as style to the sleek design. Even the pen shelf is sleek and strong in design, and made of glass to stop any jarring of the overall design.

By removing the cumbersome boarder, the glass whiteboards remain strong and sturdy, and create a crisp finish, perfect within any modern and contemporary work space.

Glass whiteboards are the flexible

Glass whiteboards have much more flexibility than their original whiteboard counterparts. Whilst the back of the glass has been painted white for writing to be easily legible; it doesn’t have to be limited to a white background as it has been previously. Companies might want to choose their own corporate colour for a bespoke design to match their branding or colour scheme. And at TeacherBoards, we have six bright and vibrant coloured glassboards to choose from; blue, green, red, silver, black, and yellow.

There is also the added bonus that glass whiteboards can also be magnetic glass whiteboards. You can easily attach imagery and notepaper with super strong magnets as and when they are needed, allowing you to use your board as much more than just a writing space! And with the lack of border, you can install glass whiteboards side-by-side to create a seamless, bigger space to write on!

If you are lacking wall space, there is also the option to choose a mobile glass whiteboard to suit your needs. At TeacherBoards, we have our mood fabric mobile glassboard with a fabric-covered, sound-absorbent back, as well as our mood flow mobile glassboard, available in 24 colours.

Choose a glass whiteboard from TeacherBoards

If you’re looking to purchase a glass whiteboard, look no further than TeacherBoards. Whether you are looking to purchase a white glass board, coloured glass board, or a magnetic glass whiteboard, we at TeacherBoards would be happy to help.

We have a range of beautiful glass boards, in a variety of sizes, made from hardened safety glass, with a magnetic surface at competitive prices. An increasingly popular alternative to whiteboards, glass boards are suitable for schools, office spaces, the home, and other establishments. We have wall fixed and mobile glass boards available, as well as an installation service, which is available on request.

Whether you are looking for a sleek coloured glass board for your office, glass boards for home and kitchen purposes, Teacherboards have a board for every purpose. We also have a range of markers, magnets and other accessories to complete the look!

We are confident we are able to supply you with just what you’re looking for. Call us on 01756 700 501 or contact us with an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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