Welcome to the TeacherBoards Community!

TeacherBoards Community

TeacherBoards Community

We have been proudly supplying notice boards, whiteboards and display equipment to schools, universities and colleges for thirty years. We have watched education change and teachers adapt as each year has brought new curricula, new technologies and new challenges to teaching.

We think educators are amazing and we understand that it can be overwhelming and stress inducing trying to balance life with the planning, marking, resource creation and the myriad of extra-curricular demands that come with any teaching job. 

The TeacherBoards Community is for you: the educators, teaching assistants, managers, coordinators, pastoral carers and administrators. From Head Teachers to NQTs, from 40 year veterans to students on placement, we know that everyone has something to add to the inexhaustible collaboration that is teaching.

Every week we will be sharing tips, ideas, articles and resources and inviting education professionals across the country to do the same. Follow our social media channels for daily inspiration and sign up to our newsletter for special offers, competitions and teaching resources direct to your inbox.

If you have a resource, idea or article that you think even one other person might benefit from, we want to hear from you!

Welcome to the TeacherBoards Community. We are very happy to have you here.


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