Useful Tips on How to Handle Your Workload


The Workload Crisis for Teacher’s is Increasing

The Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association (SSTA) is currently in the midst of taking action against the excessive workloads forced upon our school teachers. The SSTA and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) are working towards reducing teacher workloads to decrease the levels of stress and work related anxiety in schools. Many teachers across the UK are prepared to go on strike as they feel their current workload is extremely demanding and usually unnecessary.

TeacherBoards Community has created a post for teachers who may be feeling the pressure of this workload crisis and our aim is to help you handle your workload.

Useful Ways to Stay on Top

Organisation; this seems like an obvious tip but it may possibly be the most important. Pre-planning and arranging your workload and classroom timetable is important as it helps determine what you need to be getting on with throughout the week. One idea to plan around deadlines is to colour-code your work and highlight what is urgent or important. This idea from The Classroom Creative can help you create a system you can stick to.

Source: TheClassroomCreative

Stay Organised

Scheduling your workload is important as it helps you stay on track with your work and on top of deadlines. Get yourself a diary to write down ‘remember me’ notes so you know what to expect from day to day. Leaving projects and school work till the last minute will only increase your stress levels which means you might not be putting in your best work. Alternatively you could pin your notes in plain view using a classroom noticeboard. We supply a whole range of different noticeboards that are available on our TeacherBoards website.

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Time Management

Another useful tip to help teaching staff stay on top of their workload is to plan around their time management. Finding the right resources to use to manage your deadlines is important. One idea is to write down all your different tasks that you need to accomplish throughout the day and give yourself a specific time to finish it in. Getting a classroom timer will help you accomplish tasks without procrastinating. This is also a useful tool for your students to let them know how long they have left to finish the work you have set for them.

Source: BiStudying


Student Scheduling

It is also essential to get your students organised too. If you’ve got an entire lesson based around a classes’ homework, there are sure to be students who have no idea what’s going on due to not completing it on time. Letting your students know why completing their homework is going to be relevant for that school week can give them that push they need to complete it on time. Always plan ahead for the days when things just don’t fit into place, have back up plans and alternative lesson plans to help your school day run as smoothly as possible.

Communicate with Others

Communication is key; not only for your students but for your co-workers also. If you let your co-workers know your availability, they are less likely to interrupt when you’re getting on with the weekly workload.

Things to Avoid

When you need to take your work home with you, avoid using your bedroom or your comfy sofa as your ‘home office’. Your home is supposed to be a place for unwinding and relaxing after hours of work. If you’re always using your comfy spaces as an office it will tend to remind you of the tremendous workload you are facing instead of a place to relax.

Self Care for Success

Finally, and this advice is crucial, always find time to put your feet up. Although it may be difficult to find the time to relax and not have to think about school work loads, finding some ‘me’ time is the best way to de-stress and be able to start again on a positive note the next day. Whether it’s a bubble bath, some light exercise, or a glass of wine (or three), it may be the push you need to bring you back to life.

Have Your Say!

Teaching staff go through lots to get our school children where they are today and we love you for it! Why not send us your tips and advice on how to de-stress and handle large workloads by tweeting us on!


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