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Starting university and leaving the nest can be an exciting but stressful time. The new lease of freedom has its advantages and its disadvantages e.g. you can eat whatever you want (great), but you have to clean up after yourself almost instantly to avoid passive aggressive post it notes being aimed at you (not great). TeacherBoards Community has created a quick post on how to help you get through your time at university, with tips on decorating and advice on how to keep a happy medium with studying and socialising.

Your Favourite Memories

One of the ways to help soften the blow of leaving your old, cosy bedroom is to decorate your new residence with colourful objects and happy memories. This idea found on ‘The Organised Student’ is a great way of hanging your favourite photos on the wall to create a brighter and welcoming space. It’s simple to make and looks great on top of your neatly organised desk.

Source: The Organised Student


You can also hang up your photographs using washy tape. This handy little device comes in loads of different colours and patterns and doesn’t leave any marks behind for when you have to up sticks and move again. Alternatively, this convenient student forum, ‘The Student Room’, has loads of different tips on how to get rid of the dreaded blue tack marks that seem to be more of a nuisance than ever anticipated.

Lighten Up

This post found on ‘Everything Studyblr’ is a nice way of making your study space welcoming even in those cold winter evenings. Using battery powered fairy lights can help keep electricity bills down as well as creating a cosy atmosphere for the days you need to relax.

Source: EverythingStudyblr


Notice This

Having a noticeboard in your student room is really useful as you can pin up all your notes, timetables and photos without having to pin into your walls and potentially getting a telling off from your landlord. Noticeboards also keep your paperwork neatly organised and you won’t have any trouble finding that one piece of paper you ‘swear you saw just a minute ago’. TeacherBoards sells a wide range of different felt noticeboards in loads of different colours that will look professional but will also brighten up your student digs.

Source: InspirationThatSticks
Source: TeacherBoards


Organising Small Spaces

For some students, it might be the first time they have had to properly budget for food and bills along with everything else on top. These little jars found on ‘Buzzfeed’ are a nice decorative touch that can help you save up for special occasions whilst also budgeting your weekly spends. Glass jars can also be used for storing loads of different things such as toiletries or stationary, these ideas are simple to make, easy to decorate and cost friendly!

Source: Buzzfeed, BangOnStyle


A Tidy Space is a Tidy Mind

Another wonderfully organised space by ‘Overcoming Procrastination’ here. Timetables and schedules are essential at university, although it can be quite challenging to fully stick to them when you ultimately become absorbed in that new TV series that just came out. This desk has all the necessities of studying from the clock to the cork board. You can also purchase a range of cork boards on the TeacherBoards website, a very handy tool for all students.

Source: OvercomingProcrastination


Laundry Hacks

This laundry guide found on Buzzfeed is a useful guide for first time laundry goers. As you’re already budgeting for a decent food shop you won’t want to be spending money on replacement clothes if your weekly wash shrunk to half its original size.

Source: Buzzfeed


Free Printables

This free printable template is great for organising your notes and created a well-structured plan for your essay writing. If you struggle with taking down crucial notes in lectures hop over to our ‘Amazing Annotations’ post for tips and advice on note taking.



Good Luck from TeacherBoards to all the Freshers starting university this month!


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