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Student’s have a bad reputation when it comes to living a unhealthy and unmotivated lifestyle, but with a house full of damp and an on going rat problem, ‘positive vibes’ can be challenging to maintain. With this in mind, decorating your room is an essential task for helping you feel at home and in control. If you’re getting ready to move in to halls, or moving in to your second year home, these dorm room ideas are sure to add a bit of sunshine.


Opt for bright and light shades to add a splash of colour to your more-than-likely-magnolia walls. Soft lighting will help you feel comfortable, floor lamps and fairy lights are great for this atmosphere. These ideas below are sure to get you inspired and ready for a bit of DIYSS (Do it yourself – Student style).

university student bedroom ideas
Source: (From top left to bottom right) Primark, Buzzfeed, DIYProjectForTeens, Park Street Interiors


Fairy lights, great for when you want to relax and settle down with a good book.

Colourful pillows are for added comfort and colour.

Inspirational posters (maps, beautiful landscapes, motivational quotes) are all great for opening up space and adding some artistic touch to your room.

Get yourself a mascot, it doesn’t have to be a teddy bear, something that you can turn into a lucky charm for when your uni work is looming over you.

Study Central:

These next ideas are great for optimising your organisational space. You may find yourself lost amongst the hordes of paperwork you’re trying to get through, these ideas are a great and cost-effective way of keeping your desk tidy and functional.

university student desk organisers
Source: (From top left to bottom right) Indulgy, TeacherBoards, Cosmopolitan, TheOrganisedStudent, TeacherBoards


Noticeboards and whiteboards are a university essential, they are super useful for writing down day-to-day tasks or pinning important notices. Pinboards are also a great way of putting up photos in your room without damaging the wall behind it.

Desk organisers are good for keeping things where you need them. No more ‘where is that highlighter I had in my hand a second ago??’.


Lively Living Spaces:

Kitchens and living spaces can get rather dingy when you’re living amongst 4+ students who seem to be oblivious of where the kitchen sponge is. These budget-friendly and super fancy items can help make your living spaces more comfortable and trendy as well as keeping you and your housemates organised and neat.

university student decorative living spaces
Source: (From top left to bottom right) HeartHandmade, Buzzfeed, NotOnTheHighStreet, CathKidson, Society6, OneCrazyHouse


-DIY Utensils holders are good for keeping the communal utensils all in one place.

Wall Tapestries are great for decorating as well as covering up the damp that many students have to put up with…

-These cereal box organisers by One Crazy House are a brilliant way of keeping important bills and student mail in a tidy place. You can even use it in the kitchen to store your recipe books or food magazines.

TeacherBoards Pinterest:

We’ve compiled lots more ideas on our Pinterest homepage to help you get your student house feeling like a home. Click here to get to our Pinterest page! 



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