Top ways whiteboards can help your office stay organised

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In any line of work, organisation is key to moving things forward. Without scheduling out your time, it can be hard to see the wood through the trees. By compartmentalising what you have to achieve and the time you have to do it, you can find you are better organised and much more productive.

Whiteboards are a great way to stay organised, giving you a clear indication of what you need to do and when. It helps break down your time more coherently and makes you more efficient.

We’ve pulled together the top ways whiteboards can help your office stay organised:

Create columns for separate tasks

If you simply want to use a whiteboard to remind you of the tasks at hand, this is a great way to do so. It gives you a quick reference to what is required and when. You can split the whiteboard into different time zones, like every day, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, using a different colour for each column. Then write down all the tasks required in each column with due dates next to each task for clearer reference and reminder. Tasks will then move around the whiteboard as time changes and you can see which tasks you need to focus on and when. If you have a lot of tasks, you may find sticky notes are more useful here. If you invest in a magnetic whiteboard, you can easily move notes around with magnets as tasks move quickly from column to column.

Create a weekly or monthly calendar

Another option would be to utilise your whiteboard into a weekly or monthly planner. You can do this by simply taking a whiteboard and dividing it up into a calendar or you can purchase a ready-made design. At Teacherboards, our magnetic planner whiteboard is available in both weekly and monthly options. The dry wipe weekly planner has a magnetic surface, making it a highly useful addition to any office space. Monthly or Weekly planner whiteboards provide a clear indication of the tasks required for that timeframe and show you immediately when deadlines are due.

Create a daily schedule

If you find you need to organise your individual days better, with meetings, activities, emails, a daily schedule might work more in your favour. This is a great option if you are looking to increase your daily productivity and keep you on track. By organising your daily activities, you can ensure less time is wasted and more time is spent doing tasks. Schedule in time for everything, from getting up, to eating breakfast, to getting ready for work, to commute (if necessary), as well as productive time, free time, and time for sleep at the end of the day. If you choose this option, you will need a separate method or tool to keep track of your to-do list as this can only really focus on your daily tasks.

Create a progress tracker of tasks

By tracking your progress of tasks, you can quickly see what is getting done and what still needs attention. This is a great way to project manage tasks by breaking them down into more manageable stages and organise these different stages of tasks to see what needs to be done and when. Simple create progressive titles that indicate the status of the task, such as; in progress, on hold, awaiting review, complete. The number of sections is up to you; you could have a little as four columns or as many as 10. It really all depends on the breakdown you choose. This is where magnetic whiteboards or sticky notes come in handy, as you can easily move tasks from column to column, saving time in the process.

Each method has its own merit. It simply depends on what organisation tool works better for you. Having something physical to view on the day-to-day is paramount to better organisation, and is arguable more efficient than any electronic organisation tool as it is in your eye-line all the time!

At TeacherBoards, we have a range of standard whiteboards, with whole wall solutions, mobile options, mini whiteboards and personal drywipe lapboards. Our monthly and weekly planner whiteboards include 0.3m pen tray, and are available in weekly or monthly layouts. The magnetic surface makes them a highly useful addition to any office. Our UK manufactured whiteboards are available in the widest range of sizes anywhere on the market and we can create bespoke sizes for customers too! We also have a range of markers, magnets and other accessories to complete the look!

We are confident we are able to supply you with just what you’re looking for. Call us on 01756 700 501 or contact us with an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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