Top 8 Products for Nursery and Early Learning


TeacherBoards community has compiled a list of products and classroom ideas that would be a great idea for nurseries and early learning classrooms. Finding educational items that children will find intriguing can be challenging, but the products listed below are sure to spike their interest.

Classroom Playmats

These Playmats are great for learning and you can also create playful scenarios for your class to get involved with. These are available in several different prints, whether you need them for literacy, numeracy or indoor play with a starting price of only £27!

classroom play mats
Source: TeacherBoards


Story Baskets

This story sensory basket is a great addition to story time. You can make these at home if you’re feeling creative or buy them online. This The Hungry Caterpillar basket was found by The Imagination Tree.

early learning and nursery content
Source: TheImaginationTree


Wooden Rescue Station

This next item is great for social skills and role play. This gives children the chance to explore their imaginations and work together in a controlled environment.

early learning and nursery play toys
Source: ELC


Little Miss Hug Toy Set

This Little Miss Hug toy set is a wonderful to pull out when any of your pupils are feeling low or are missing their parents. Starting nursery can be a stressful process for many children, so by having some comforting additions in the classroom can make them feel at home in no time.

early learning and nursery toys
Source: Wordery


Rainbow Felt Boards

These Rainbow Felt Boards are a fabulous way of brightening up the classroom or nursery. They come with a pinnable and Velcro friendly surface which is great for displaying art work and important notices. These boards are available in 20 amazing colours and there is a choice of 3 different frames – perfect for any classroom.

rainbow felt pinboard
Source: TeacherBoards


Musical Xylophone

This small but bright xylophone is a helping your class become interested in music and sound. You can even use it as soft sounding alarm to let the class know you are wanting their attention.

early learning products
Source: PreciousLittleOne


Outdoor Mud Kitchen

Having a ‘Mud Kitchen’ in the playground might get a bit messy, but it is a super enjoyable addition to any outdoor play. This item can help children get their creative juices flowing when they start messing around with hundreds of different concoctions. However, it might not turn out to be as delicious as they say…

nursery and early learning products
Source: TTSGroup


Magnetic Workboard Starter Pack

This Magnetic Dry Wipe Workboard Starter pack is perfect for early learning and can be used for practising spelling, basic arithmatic, drawing, fun games and lots more! You can buy this product on our TeacherBoards website, click here to find the product. This pack includes:

• 10 x A4 Magnetic Drywipe Boards.
• 1 x A3 Magnetic Drywipe Board.
• 12 x Slim Barrel Medium Tipped Drywipe Markers Black.
• 12 x Magnetic Mini Erasers.
• 1 x Tub 286 Magnetic Lowercase Letters.
• 1 x Tub 286 Magnetic Numbers/Maths Symbols.
• All contained in a multi-coloured storage trunk.

Magnetic Dry Wipe Workboard Starter Pack Free Shipping Special Price
Source: TeacherBoards


For further information on these products please click on the images to be directed to the website.


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