The Sticky Campus Roadshow

TeacherBoards has teamed with the Sticky Campus Roadshow to explain the notion of a sticky campus or classroom. The idea of the sticky campus is to design innovative learning spaces within higher education institutions to encourage students to stick around after their lessons and lectures. Having these spaces in colleges and universities has many benefits for both the institutions and its students. These benefits include creating technology driven learning spaces that can improve levels of productivity and inspire motivation in students for studying in their institutions.

TeacherBoards, along with other companies such as Epson, Kramer, Ferco Seating, Wyvern Business Systems and TeamMate will be supporting the Sticky Campus Roadshow at its exhibitions that will be provided for many higher education institutions across the country. The Sticky Campus website quotes that ‘The campus provides an essential focus for far more than just the acquisition of knowledge.  Small team learning doesn’t just benefit students intellectually, it benefits their social and cultural development, and should underpin these interactions across the entire campus.’ The idea of interpreting sticky classrooms and campuses is to develop collaborative learning, student engagement and accessibility to useful technologies. 

The Sticky Campus exhibitions will be taking place over a number of months throughout 2018 to provide you with inspiration and innovative ideas. If you’d like to attend or host one of these events you can visit the Sticky Campus webpage for further information.

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