The Best Dressed Classrooms for Christmas


Teachers are known for putting all their best efforts into their work, and when it comes to classroom displays these efforts definitely don’t decrease. Believe it or not, it isn’t the Christmas elves that come round after school has finished and decorate all the classrooms into magnificent winter wonderlands, but the hard working teachers and school helpers that are determined to deliver happiness and joy across the festive season. To celebrate the brilliant works of the Christmas wonders we’ve put together the top ten Best Dressed Displays for the Christmas period, along with some of the beautiful creations that have been sent in from this year.

If you’re looking to upscale your Christmas display this year why not take a look at our large Pin Board selection on our TeacherBoards website.


This display is enough to brighten your students’ futures. You can get your class to help along with crafting the houses and painting the Christmas trees to make it feel more personal for you students.

Source: MPMIdeas


This simple to look at yet intricate design is stunning. It might be best to leave this idea to the ‘sticking to the dotted line’ experts for the cut out shapes. You can also add a splash of colour by displaying your favourite artworks of the year.

Source: MultiCulturalArtClass


A festive design that not for the faint hearted – or the pro procrastinators. This life size gingerbread house is sure to bring joy to your younger pupils, and would also make a great reading corner for them to retreat to. You can make this from all your recycled resources such as cardboard, left over paper plates from the school disco and scrap paper.

Christmas Classroom Decorations for Primary Student
Source: MrsGoffsKinders


This idea is a brilliant way to get your tech-obsessed students into the Christmas spirit. Selfies and hashtags are very popular amongst the older students so they’d be more than happy to join in the festive fun. Another fun factor for teachers is that you can also use these photos as blackmail for them to hand homework in on time.

Source: Pinterest


This display is a great option for artsy teachers that prefer not to get glitter and glue stuck to every table and chair (and child). All you need is some plain white chalk and your classroom chalkboard to create this beautiful winter wonderland design.

Source: LilyAndVal


This design doesn’t require a lot of work from the teacher, but it still is a definite classroom hit! Opt for a Christmassy colour scheme and some cardboard shelves and your students can help with the rest. They can also take their personalised elves home with them for the holidays. You can also create a teacher version for the staff room if you’re looking to go all out.

christmas classroom display ideas
Source: Pinterest


If you don’t have much space to hand in your classroom you could opt for this amazing alternative. All you would need is a dry wipe glass pen and a knack for creating beautiful shapes and snowy landscapes. This artistic creation would look especially beautiful on the shorter nights with the street lights shining through the window.



This home comfort design is almost realistic enough to sit in front of with a book and a glass of sherry (if only).

Source: MPMSchoolSupplies


For the minimalists. A chance for you to utilise the books you bought out of your own pocket that have not been touched by a single student.

Source: TheChristmasClub


Now it may look like this teacher has filled their classroom with home comforts to distract them from the fact the Christmas period is coming up and everything is to become 10x more hectic than usual, but this is only an assumption. This display is great for teachers that have a large space to fill and your student can help you decorate the Christmas tree to help them get into the festive spirit.

Source: eHow

Take a look at our TeacherBoards Pinterest page for some more festive inspiration on turning your classroom into a winter wonderland! Click here for more.


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