The Best Activities for Story Time!

Story time can be enjoyable at times, but when your students have restless legs and running mouths it can easily get out of hand. Many children struggle with sitting still and listening quietly for long periods of time so it’s always useful to add a bit of active excitement to spruce up story time. Keep your classroom under control by allowing them to run wild (to a point – we’ve not gone mad). This blog post is all about the literacy based activities you can use in your classroom that’ll help keep young minds active and attentive.

Shake it Up

Get up and get active for story time. You can make sure your students are listening and responding properly to the story you have been reading by asking them to act out a chapter of the book in groups. This way, students can discuss the story with one another which may help them understand the concept of the story. Alternatively, you can make their acting activity more imaginative by giving them tasks such as ‘How would you react to this part of the story’ or ‘What happens next’ scenarios. This involves the students into the storyline further. The first example of the storyline scenarios task can help the story time activity become more relatable as they are immersing themselves among the plotline and the characters involved.

Team Building

Following on from this, group work can be extremely beneficial when it comes to classroom tasks. Why not divide you class into groups and ask them to pick a character from the book that they can portray. If you are reading a script or a story with heavy dialogue, get your students to read out their character’s lines as part of a group work. Group activities can help students get inspired and help each other out in a non-stressful environment.

The Genre Jar

You can mix things up a bit when it comes to story time and pick out a book by genre. Why not make your own ‘genre jar’ where you write down a variety of genres and ask a pupil to pick one out of the jar. Although this is only a small idea, it can get the class excited for what they might be reading that day. It may also act as an incentive to keep your class under control; it could be a ‘quietest classmate gets to choose the genre’ situation.

Tell it Your Way

One way of making story time more exciting is to play a game that makes the class create their own story. This game can be enjoyable for all the class and gets everyone involved. To play the game all you will need is:

* Mini whiteboards (Available at TeacherBoards)

* Dry-marker pens

* An enthusiastic class

How to play the ‘Tell it Your Way’ game:

1. Firstly, it might be easier to get your class to sit in a circle; this way they can say what it says on everybody else’s boards.

2. Give your class a type of word they need to write down on their mini whiteboards (such as an adjective, noun, verb etc.) This needs to be in an order that will make better sense when read aloud and you can add connecting words as you go along.

3. Ask the class to read out their words in a clockwise order and see where the story takes you. You can try and time how far along with the story you can get before it stops making sense.

This can get your class exciting about storytelling and also helps them with their team-building to help create a strong storyline.

Reading is becoming less popular to do as a hobby in the UK. By adding a touch of magic to story time you can keep your class interested in reading which may leave an impact on their thoughts on reading for pleasure.

mini whiteboards
Source: Teacherboards


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