The Benefits of Glass Writing Surfaces

Glass writing surfaces have already entered the building in style, but they are more than just a pretty surface. With most glass writing products being produced in any RAL colour they become versatile in use and beneficial to students or employees. Furthermore, they provide a sustainable solution to those who are in need of an eco or economic alternative as they provide longevity and a plastic free alternative. Many people are opting for Glassboards as an alternative to whiteboard or chalk as they are easier to clean and can be used in a more adaptable setting and are also modern in style and aesthetically fresh.

Glass Writing Surfaces

Recent studies have shown that using a pure white writing surface in a learning space can be a problem for people with reading difficulties. According to an article by Irlen Institute, reading from a white surface can be uncomfortable and ‘often requires rereading for comprehension’. Using a grey or pastel tone should increase the stability of the writing surfaces when it comes to the clarity of the writing, numbers, and musical notes. Glassboards are also available in a matte surface which would decrease the level of glare other writing surfaces may have which can have an impact on reading rates.

Benefits for Students with Dyslexia and other Cognitive Learning Disabilities

Glassboards can also be beneficial for students with dyslexia. Students with dyslexia commonly have difficulty with reading and copying from blackboards and whiteboard writing surfaces. The Dyslexia Research Trust found that half of children with issues learning to read have visual symptoms that can cause headaches, decreased concentration, and confusion. Using a surface that isn’t chalk or pure white dry wipe can potentially help combat these problems. Glass surfaces help reduce glare to assist with dyslexia and other cognitive processing learning disabilities.

Optimise your Collaborative Spaces

Glassboards are also great for uplifting a space with colour. Some writing surfaces don’t fit with the aesthetic of a space, but glass writing surfaces can offer a seamless surface to suit all colour coordination’s. This gives you the chance to go bold with bright colours or opt for something more incognito with any RAL shade to choose from.

Furthermore, the Glassboards available on our TeacherBoards website is created with hardened safety glass and can be designed to be bespoke in size and colour, fitting seamlessly side by side to create an exquisite continuous writing display. We also have an Acoustic Mobile Glassboard to enhance learning space design, a great addition to any collaborative space.


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