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Since the beginning of mankind we have struggled to get our children to eat their greens (probably). Despite telling them it’ll grow hairs on their chest or it might even help them see in the dark, the task is perilous and usually ends in failure. Despite this, the call for teaching children about healthy eating habits and what goes into their food is more essential than ever. This is due to a sure rise in child obesity, and according to the Government Health Sector, the statistics are still increasing. If you aren’t enjoying a healthy balanced diet, you can be at risk of harmful side effects such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. This is why it is important to educate our school children on nutrition and food and what it can do to your body. Obesity can be caused by other factors such as pre-existing illnesses or genetics, but an unhealthy lifestyle with an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise is one of the predominant factors. Furthermore, healthy eating has many other advantages that benefit growth and development for both physical and mental health. With this in mind, healthy living also contributes to good concentration and increases brain development in the classroom.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to food and nutrition, so starting with the basics is best particularly for KS1 years. You can implement a whole level of fun games and activities across different subjects to help promote and raise awareness for healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle. TeacherBoards Community have provided you with a few healthy eating activities for kids, nutrition based learning resources and top teaching tips on how to educate the younger generation on food and lifestyle.


Science experiments for kids is a great way for them to comprehend things that may not fully understand when they are reading from a text book. Below are two experiments that you can use in your during your science lesson to show your class how sugar effects your body and what foods it is most prominent in. Excessive sugar can be found in many foods that children enjoy, so it’s important to educate them on how they can effect your lifestyle if you rely on these products as a diet. It’s also important to help them understand the difference between natural sugars found in fruits and refined that is added to processed foods.

Tainted Teeth Experiment: Click the link for details

science experiments for kids
Source: FeelsLikeHomeBlog

How Much Sugar Experiment: Click the link for details

science experiments for kids
Source: ScienceSparks


This free literacy lesson printable aims to get children thinking about what is good for them when it comes to choosing food. The learning objective is to get children to pick out a three course menu for the school to eat at lunchtime. During this task, children can study what foods are good for them and what foods they should have on occasion, such as sugary sweets and drinks. You can also ask your students to write down the ingredients of their chosen menu to encourage them to study what goes in their meals. As an additional homework task you can also ask your students to research what foods and vitamins benefit your body, for example; Oranges are full of Vitamin C – this is good for protecting cells in your body and keeping you healthy.

free teacher printables for teaching healthy eating for kids
Source: TeacherBoards


TeacherBoards Community have previously posted an article on Baking with Numbers. This article is useful for teachers who would be interested in combining math equations along with cookery classes. Some of the recipes may not scream ‘health guru’ but it can help display what food goes into certain recipes and why. You can also opt for the same concept but design healthy recipes for kids that are easy to make and fun to learn. You can find our previous article here.

math lessons for kids

Cookery Classes

Having lessons that involve creating your own foods or menus during customer classes and food technology can be exciting for children to get involved with. When children begin to enjoy the food they make, they may begin to understand why a healthy lifestyle if good for them and this can encourage them to follow it. Sugar can be addictive, by teaching children different ways to make tasty treats from naturally sweet products, you can encourage them to curb their sweet tooth with healthier alternatives. The two recipes below combine kid friendly food with healthy living and are perfect candidates for early learning cookery classes.

healthy food recipes for kids
Source: GoodFood, AllRecipes



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