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Over the past six months huge improvements have been made to our Cam factory with a significant investment into machinery upgrades, automations, warehouse modifications and and new enterprise software.

We have already been seeing the benefits of increased capacity, improved quality and reduced waste since the beginning of the year and in the last weeks have embarked on the next phase of streamlining and consolidating operations to deliver improved customer service, more production efficiencies and lower environmental impact.

sundeala notice board factory
Source: Mike Kelley | LinkedIn

Wayne Price, Production Director said “All manufacturing and distribution operations will be centralised in the one location to provide a far more cost-effective and energy-efficient base whilst reducing our carbon footprint”.

While production and distribution have been consolidated to our Gloucester factory to reduce transit of stock and materials, all sales and customer care functions have also been consolidated in our Skipton branch in North Yorkshire.

Sales Director, Joanne Mulloy, said:  “Our plans to amalgamate all client relation activities will vastly improve our services and, coupled with better information management systems, underpins our continued commitment to delivering above expectation”.

sundeala notice board factory control centre
Source: Mike Kelley | LinkedIn

With both of Sundeala Ltd’s market leading brands going from strength to strength we are excited by these changes that mean we are able to deliver a more streamlined service to our customers but the best news is that these changes are only the beginning!

There are many more exciting new things to come over the next months from fantastic new products ranges to updated web services. We are delighted that our customers are as invested as we are in the journey and look forward to many more years of mutual success.

Sundeala plant graphic
Source: Mike Kelley | LinkedIn


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