Teacher Tips: How to Unwind During the Holidays


Many schools across the UK are celebrating a two week break for the Easter Holidays. A fortnight away from work seems like a dream – but for many teachers and teaching staff, it can be very difficult to switch off and get comfortable. Teachers are constantly taking their work home with them for various reasons, such as marking school work or creating lesson plans. This means that when the holidays come around, it’s just another name for ‘working from home’. Not only that, but as teachers and teaching staff lead such hectic job roles, it can be difficult to resort back to a relaxed holiday routine. TeacherBoards Community have been on the look out on social media for top tips and advice for teachers, from other educators, on how to unwind during the school break. Read on for our top 10 tips from other teachers and teaching staff, letting you know the best way to unwind and re-energise.

Claire, Sheffield UK:Catch up with friends and family, do whatever your mood takes you, put all your school work away and plan one day in the holidays when it’s going to come out and stick to it“.

Claire wasn’t the only one to suggest setting your work load for a specific date so you don’t have it looming over your head all holiday. If you do have work to bring home with you, we would suggest doing it at the start of your holidays, so  you have less things to think about and can relax for the rest of the fortnight.

Georgina, Brighton UK:I take myself and partner away for a glamping holiday with no Wifi, 4G, phone’s or laptops and just enjoy the outdoors“.

James, UK:Go camping and leave anything electronic at home!

Making yourself unattainable to the electronic world seems to be a popular choice for many teachers. Getting yourself out the house for a few days without any access to the internet means you won’t be tempted to check up on work emails and sit up through the night marking homework on your days off. For many teachers, your home is your second office so going on a short break can be great to get out of work mode.

relaxing tips for teachers and teaching staff

Gill, Bucks UK:I try to get away. Home or abroad. Sleeping. Reconnecting with my hubby. Seeing family and friends and simply going ‘off timetable’“.

Theresa, Northampton UK:Don’t wear a watch. Catch up with friends. Gardening. Time with Family. Not living with a timetable or routine. Heaven“.

You might see your close family everyday when you get home, but how often do you actually get to spend time with them? Going out on day trips, long walks or even sitting on the sofa and watching a film together can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying time with family and friends. Getting back into your hobbies that you may not have time for, such as gardening, can help you feel reconnected to yourself. As a teacher you spend so much time being an educator, and examiner, a carer and a parent there is sometimes very little time for you to be you.

Camilla, Middlesex UK:Yoga! Happy to be mentioned. Camilla (teaching in Middlesex). I also have a Facebook group called Om Your Mat for teachers who are interested in doing or teaching yoga, meditation or mindfulness (amongst other things). Happy for you to mention that too if it helps anyone!

Exercise is great for the mind as it increases serotonin and helps improve your metabolism – making you ready for another school term. Yoga is a brilliant form of exercise as you can use it as a form of relaxation, something to help you de-stress after a hectic term.

Philip, Luton UK:Paradoxically, to “unwind” I get great pleasures mentoring people to become Best Selling Authors on Amazon or how to host their radio shows ! Also teaching teachers behaviour techniques – then again I am a retired teacher so maybe I don’t really count in this situation!

Philip’s advice is something a bit different, some people like to unwind by getting busy. If you find enjoyment by keeping yourself busy, jump into something you love doing when you’ve got the time to.

Tracy, Perth AUS: “Unwind for a few days then leisurely tackle jobs around the house that I don’t get time for during term times. It’s very therapeutic and reenergising to get organised around the house. In the second week of the holidays I have 3 days of professional learning, so working really. I will also get my planning underway for next term“.

Becky, Wakefield UK:I am normally cramming all my work on the last two days and being unobtainable to my family, so this holiday I have made a massive effort to get it done so I can enjoy the rest of the hols with my own children without the thought of work hanging over me… nearly there…“.

relaxing tips for teachers and teaching staff

We’ve saved the best tip till last:

Helen, Coventry UK: Wine and Chocolate“!

I think quite a few of us can relate to this when it comes to relaxation! Thank you to everyone who made great some suggestions and top tips on unwinding over the holidays. TeacherBoards hopes you all have a great holiday – and if you don’t have it off, we salute you. If you have any more tips or advice for us, post them in the comments selection below!



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