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The notions around inactivity are usually connected with laziness or bad health yet we are expected to be sitting down, either at work or in the classroom, for hours at a time. Sitting for excessive periods of time can lead to consequences such as a slow metabolism, obesity, type 2 diabetes and has also been linked to some types of cancer according to the NHS. For children in schools, sitting down for every lesson can also have its disadvantages in regards to productivity. According to a recent study recorded by students from the Leeds Beckett University, children tend to lose their concentration in a lesson within the first 20 minutes. Without activities that require movement or enthusiasm children are less likely to engage fully with the subject. Furthermore, children have different methods of learning, by making lessons more practical and active you can make your lesson plans more memorable whilst also catering for practical and theoretical learners.

Many classroom activities no longer require students to be confined to their desks. However, this doesn’t mean you need to have your students running riot around your classroom in order for them to engage with your lesson. Practical learning can be used to motivate students and stimulate their minds. There have been various methods of promoting activeness within the classroom and creating different learning zones can be one of them. You could create different spaces in your classroom which requires your class to move around the room and partake in classroom activities that you have set for them. This motivates them to finish tasks in timely manner and engage with the lesson more as they are eager to move forward onto the next activity.

The Junior Standing Desk is also an innovative way of getting students to become more active during lesson time. This concept is not too dissimilar from the standard seat and desk scenario but it has been proven to increase productivity and development within the classroom dramatically. Furthermore, the standing desk can also help combat child obesity by keeping them fitter during school time. According to a recent study ‘Nearly a third of UK children aged 2 – 15 are overweight or obese‘. By incorporating standing desk and movement within lesson times can help children burn calories and stay healthy without getting distracted from the lesson plan.

If you think your school could benefit from a standing desk you can now buy them from our TeacherBoards website. Contact our sales department directly for more information on what we can provide you and your school in terms of productivity and development.


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