Spring Printables for Primary Schools


Yesterday we stepped into the spring equinox  (despite the down pour of snow many of us had), so we’ve created some colourful and creative printable templates that can be printed out for free. Some of these designs are great for tracking student process and whether or not they may need extra help at home or if they’re fully understanding the tasks they are set.

My Homework Planner

This homework planner is a great way for parents to keep track of there child’s homework. It isn’t uncommon for children to insist that they ‘have absolutely no homework, promise…’ and then all of a sudden have a mound of unfinished work is scattered all over the floor on Sunday evening. Using this free printable, you can track how much homework your child has got that week and teachers are able to check if the students have been informing their parents of it. Not only that, but there is also a section for parent and teacher comments to help them communicate better. Whether or not parents have any issues with the homework or any reasons their child hasn’t been able to fill it in on time. You can find the printable PDF here.

student homework planner
Source: TeacherBoards

My Reading Journal

This reading journal has a pretty design to get you excited for spring. The date is to run through the rest of March and through April but you can alter the date to suit whenever you would like. When you’re young, reading can be a difficult task to conquer, but you must be persistent. This printable can be used at home and in the classroom, and it helps show how often the student is getting access to much needed reading time. There is also a handy notes section for students, teachers or parents to jot down any queries or issues they may be having. Teachers can also write down constructive tips and advice for struggling students to get them feeling confident with their reading skills. Find this printable here.

primary school reading journal printable template
Source: TeacherBoards

Baking by Numbers

This last printable hits two birds with one stone when it comes to advancing basic life skills. Baking and mathematics are both arguably important and this baking by numbers sheet is super fun to do. Create some fabulous flapjacks with this simple recipe and help students along with their maths work. This printable has lots of different math related questions that are great for primary school students. Find this printable here.

maths printable for primary school students
Source: TeacherBoards

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