Spring Crafts for Kids

With springtime in full swing many of us are enjoying the warmer weather and embracing the great outdoors. However, the typical occurrence of April showers might draw us back inside for indoor play. Getting children involved with arts and crafts will keep them amused during the spouts of typical British weather and will stop them from becoming irate from boredom. Child friendly arts and crafts is great for nurturing their creativeness and will help their minds stay productive. These fun activities don’t always mean your classroom will end up looking like a glitter and glue covered pigsty. Make sure you stock up on old newspaper to keep your tables tidy and ration out any supplies that are the main causes of mess. This will help decrease the amount of PVA puddles and glitterbombs you will find at the end of the activity.

Spring Chickens

These Handprint Chick Puppets by the Kids Craft Room are a great way of celebrating spring. Children will love to take these puppets home to their families and friends so they can put on a springtime show on a rainy day. This craft activity is easy to create and you can make lots of unique designs using beautifully bright colours, sequins and feathers. Click the link here to find out how you can make your own.

spring arts and crafts for kids
Source: KidsCraftRoom

Excellent East Eggs

With Easter around the corner, get inspired to design your own Easter Egg. This craft activity by Clare’s Little Tots uses Q-tips (cotton buds) instead of paint brushes, which means less mess and prettier patterns. Using these Q-tips means there won’t be much paint wastage and you don’t have to spend bundles of time trying to get stubborn paint out of your usual brushes.

easter arts and crafts for kids
Source: ClaresLittleTots

What you will need:

Q-tips (cotton buds)

Colourful Paints


Glitter or Sequins (Optional)

Find out more on these Easter decorations here.

Rainbow Plate Weaving

This next idea is great for older primary school students as it can get a bit fiddly. Weaving has been a popular hobby for many decades, and despite it being an old tradition, you can still make it lots of fun. This rainbow design by Pink Stripey Socks is nice and bright and would look great on your classroom displays as a way of celebrating springtime. Follow the simple instructions by clicking this link.

spring arts and craft activities
Source: PinkStripeySocks

Easter Bunnies

These Easter bunnies will keep the children quiet and concentrating for a while. All you have to do to make these adorable bunny rabbits is make two pompoms of different sizes and add a few rabbit features to the body to finish it off. You can make these out of lots of different colours and design the features however you like. You can even decide to create different animal designs, like cats or mice, a perfect keepsake for every student. Click here for instructions.

easter crafts for kids
Source: IkatBag

Mud Kitchens

If you’ve been blessed with sunshine why not get your students involved in their very own mud kitchen. Mud kitchens are becoming popular across many schools and nurseries and can help children with their sensory, social and mental development. There are lots of fun games to play in the mud kitchen, you can ask your students to split into groups to go and collect certain ingredients (such as 10 twigs or 6 flowers) to make their own mud cake. Activities like this will help your students become more sociable with one another and can work on their co-dependency skills. Click here to view Pinterest’s top 20 mud kitchens for kids.

mud kitchens for kids
Source: Pinterest

National Gardening Week

Spring is a time for flowers to flourish and bloom, and with the week being National Gardening Week it can be a great start to get the children involved. You can opt for making some simple ‘cress heads’ in the classroom as part of an experiment. Alternatively, you can get your students involved with planting and nurturing plants and flowers in the outdoors. This next idea is based on the 12 Easiest Plants for Kids and has a list of ideas that you can follow through with at school.

national gardening week and gardening for kids
Source: BeesAndRoses

For more spring themed arts and craft ideas for students, check out our amazing Skip Into Spring Pinterest boards for lots more inspiration.

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