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It may come as no surprise that consistently sticking to the book when it comes to standardised education can leave many students behind. Many teachers find their own methods of acting upon reoccurring issues throughout their experience within the classroom. This can be finding a dependable way of silencing your students in seconds to creating songs and phrases to help memorise essential parts of information. When it comes to literacy and reading it can be difficult to pinpoint where your teaching methods are performing well or falling. This is where the Scholastic Reading Audit can help.

The reading audit is designed for primary school and other age appropriate environments to analyse ‘every type of instructional reading’. You can fill in the reading audit on the Scholastic’s website and upon completion receive a pedagogic development report, a free model reading policy and a Scholastic Reading Charter certificate. The reading audit is a free report aimed at primary school headteachers and seeks to help schools evaluate and progress their approach to teaching literacy and reading. It does this by analysing all types of ‘instructional reading’ whether it be within a classroom setting, for an assessment, or just reading for pleasure. Once this has been input, you will receive an individual report based on your answers and further information on how to create action plans, activities and research to help teachers and students improve when it comes to reading.

Your reading audit report can help you visualise and understand what needs to be done in terms of improvement and what type of support you can incorporate in your lesson plans to help improve teaching students how to read. Once you create a refined reading plan you can access the Scholastic Research Hub to find some extremely useful resources for primary school and age appropriate reading. The research hub has teaching support for an array of different reading styles such as shared reading, home reading and family engagement, and reciprocal reading.

Completing the Scholastic Reading Audit can help you identify your strengths and acknowledge any disadvantages you may be unknowingly facing. This Scholastic service aims to include lots of different learning styles to help students who learn from alternate, and sometimes forgotten, methods of reading. The research hub has many techniques, styles and resources that can help children feel confident with their reading ability which makes the task a more beneficial experience both mentally and intellectually.

If you’d like to take part in the free Scholastic Reading Audit, you can visit their website by clicking this link.


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