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Reward Chart Ideas Brag Tags

Behaviour for learning starts in the classroom and while it is vital to ensure that there are appropriate sanctions and consequences for poor behaviour, positive reinforcement is often the most effective way of ensuring correct behaviour and instilling this early can make all the difference to pupils achieving their potential over the years.

Turning a notice board into a positive behaviour system is the perfect way to remind pupils to behave in a way that promotes great learning and relationships. Here are a few of the ideas we love from around the web!

Be a Bucket Filler!

Reward Chart Ideas Bucket Filler

This ‘Bucket Filler’ notice board based on the book by Carol Mc Cloud is bright and interactive, making it a fantastic behaviour reinforcement board. Centred around positive relationships, the premise is that everyone carries around an invisible bucket; when the bucket is full we feel great and when it is running low we feel sad. Using the book as a starting place, this board allows pupils to reward each other and ‘fill’ buckets of classmates by behaving in a positive way toward each other. Each pom pom represents a positive behaviour and they are attached by Velcro, making the board easy to re-set at the end of each day.

Making a behaviour board interactive really invests pupils in the system. You could also use small cardboard boxes as ‘buckets’ and have each child decorate their own, or use small craft buckets for a three dimensional display.

Brag Board!

Reward chat ideas brag board

We love this board from Teaching4Real even though technically it is a positive reinforcement board for teachers! On this board, teachers use chalkboard markers to leave each other positive messages, affirming each other for things they are good at or have done well. We think this idea would work well in a year six classroom or perhaps a form room in secondary school. It would look great on one of our rainbow dry wipe boards or you could paint a board yourself then cover it in transparent dry wipe paint for a fantastic custom brag board.

Encourage pupils to reward each other with positive messages, being specific about what they are thanking them for or saying they did well. At the end of each half term, take a photograph and display the images around the new brag board.

Science Super Stars!

Reward Chart Ideas Science Super Star

This fantastic idea from Beyond the Goggles is subject specific reward chart. At the end of each week, two pupils are chosen as “science super stars” – they have their name and achievement written on a star which is then attached to a board. They get supplementary rewards such as candy or certificates, but the main feature is that their ‘star’ remains on the board for a set time period.

The great thing about this reward board is that the stars specify exactly what they did to earn the reward. Giving specific and timely feedback for positive behaviour helps pupils associate that behaviour with reward and feeling good, helping them to replicate that good behaviour over and over again. When pupils know what they are doing right, they have a far better shot at continuing to do it.

Brag Tags!

Reward Chart Ideas Brag Tags

This ‘brag tag’ board from Bunting Books is such a good idea. Apparently widely in use in the US, these tags have each pupil’s name on and they are able to collect additional tabs for good behaviour, specific goals and great work. Completely customisable with your own system of beads and tags, these simple necklaces allow students to wear their achievements with pride and serve as an ongoing record of positive behaviour throughout the year as their tags build up.

Make sure that tags are hung safely on the board at break times or any time pupils will be interacting physically to keep everyone safe, and have pupils add their own tags and beads to reinforce their positive behaviours.

Your behavior for learning notice board can be one of the most important boards in the classroom, and making it interactive is a great way to solidify behavior expectations in the minds of pupils. If your wall notice boards are out of reach for smaller students, consider a table top display system to create a behavior zone your pupils can really engage with.


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