Preparing For Day One – A Back to School Teachers Guide

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Preparing your classroom for the first day back at school can be a daunting task. Even with the lengths of excessive planning teachers go to to get their classroom organised, something will always pop up that they haven’t prepared for. Teacherboards Community has provided you with a useful blog posts that includes top tips and advice on how to prepare for that first day back!

How Organised is Your Classroom?

Teachers are renowned for their skills in organisation, but how organised is your classroom? Your classroom may look spotless five minutes before the first bell rings, but before you know it you’ll have sheets of unorganised school work covering your classroom like the first snow of winter. To counter this, you need to consider your end of lesson game plan. Persist in your students naming and dating their work and organise it in your own neatly compiled folders, also named and dated.

The Importance of Sticky Labels

Label everything! Attempting to find that rogue sheet of paper that has decided to immerse itself amongst hundreds of sheets of school work is not something you want to be found doing on a Monday morning. Make sure to label and file everything (EVERYTHING) and sort your files in date or alphabetical order.

A Tidy Space is a Tidy Mind

Ensure that you keep on top of your classroom organisation. Noticeboards are a great way of keeping a clear space on your desk. Hang up all your reminders on a noticeboard so it’s less likely to get lost amongst the classroom rubble. Teacherboards offers a wide range of noticeboards, like the eco-friendly example below, and come in a vast range of colours to keep your classroom looking bright and organised.

Sundeala pin boards

Planning the Year Ahead

If you think you have enough lesson plans you’re probably wrong. There is no problem with being overly organised in the classroom as the school day can be completely unpredictable. Make sure to have extra lesson plans prepared for the days that muddle your daily schedule.

Resources, Resources, Resources

The first day back to school is round the corner, have you got all your classroom resources? Our Teacherboards website aims to provide you with all your classroom needs, from pins to pens and other classroom essentials. Make sure you over prepare yourself for the amount of resources that will break, get lost, or run out during the annual school year. As part of your classroom organisation, it bodes well to be fully prepared in terms of classroom resources. As a teacher you are now fully aware that the amount of pens you have at the start of the year will never be enough.

Colourful Classrooms

Presenting your students work and upcoming lesson plans is a great way of brightening up the classroom. Keep your displays tidy and organised with classroom noticeboards. Decorating your classroom with bright colours can help stimulate your students; a bare classroom can accumulate a dull and strict atmosphere. By hanging ‘how to’ posters and decorating your classroom space with small but necessary information can help your student’s progress in the classroom without being disruptive. These school-appropriate decorations can be neatly pinned to noticeboards as not to puncture holes in the wall or leave those dreaded Bluetack marks all across your walls.

Organising Your Students

Another useful tip to prepare for the year ahead is to get your students organised. Start with preparing a seating plan to help control any disruption that may occur from your talkative students. If your classroom is full of new fresh faces make sure to memorise all of their names. If you find it challenging to remember names you can check out our Teacherboards Community blog post on how to counter the struggle. Furthermore, by letting your students know what the year ahead brings will help them keep themselves organised and know what to expect for the annual school year.


Although your students may smite you for bringing up this word on their first day back, it’s always a good idea to prepare your class for the year ahead. Letting your pupils know the dates you will be handing out and receiving their homework will help them stay organised – and there will be no excuses saying they ‘forgot’.

Check Yourself

After relaxing through the British ‘summertime’ you may have gotten comfortable with those dreamy lay-ins and afternoon breakfasts. It’s always a good idea to prepare yourself for the early starts and long days. By getting back into your school routine around a week earlier will make going back to school less of a shock to the system. Getting up during the early hours of the morning may prove too difficult to jump right into, alternatively why not try setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier each day to get your body clock ready for the weeks ahead.


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