Organisation Printables for the Classroom

Getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas break can be difficult, but with these free teacher printables from TeacherBoards, you’ll be back on track in no time. Routine is important for both teachers and students, and there always seems to be an extreme ‘lack-of’ during the holiday season. Your lack of sleep and over indulgence of sugar makes it more difficult for you to concentrate. These three printable work sheets aim to make planning easier in class. Click on the image links to print your own for free.

The ‘Homework Tracker’:

Many teachers aim to hand out around 1 piece of homework per week per lesson to help students study at home and research further into what they are learning. However, with class numbers on the rise it can become increasingly hard to keep track on who has and who hasn’t handed in their homework on time. Many students tend to take the first hit on not handing their homework in on time in the hopes that the teacher will forget all about in the coming days, and 90% of the time they aren’t wrong. You can use this checklist to track the weeks your students have handed their homework in, you could also colour code the circles to see your class’s progress.

free teacher printables for education

The ‘Assignments Due’ Template:

This template goes hand in hand with the first printable. ‘Forgetting’ about your homework is no longer a valid excuse for your class to use. You can also reference textbooks and websites for your students to look up to help them study their assigned brief.

The ‘Weekly Work Plan’:

This weekly work plan is great for keeping on top of your never ending to do list. Plan your work days around this template and create a schedule that works for you. Gone are the days where you get that gut-punching feeling of ‘I’ve just remembered that really important thing that I needed to do last Monday’. Use highlighters or stickers to colour code the essentials to help you stay organised this year.

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