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For many of us, our office is our second home. Whether it be miles away, just down the road or in your own home, it is important that we make our work spaces enjoyable, comforting, and something to look forward to sitting in for around 8 hours a day. Professionalism is important having a customer facing role or not, keeping your space organised, fresh, and on trend can help you feel motivated. TeacherBoards Community have explored the trends of 2017 and what products would go great in your office or work space.

Colour Scheme:

Pantone gave the Colour of The Year Award to ‘Greenery’ – described to be a tangy, yellowy Green shade. This shade is said to represent new beginnings and the ‘pursuit of personal passions’ according to Pantone. The colour Green in general is meant to emit auras of freshness and spiritualism. Other colour psychologists depict this colour to be a ‘happy’ colour, something that represents balance and harmony. Considering this to be true, implemented this years colour trend in your new office design will not only improve your aesthetic, it can also improve your mood. Below is a sample of some colour palettes that include this specific shade, perfect for redecorating your office.

Source: ErikaFirm


Many of us are oh so familiar with the back pain that says ‘I’ve been hunched over crunching numbers for 4 days now’ and we would definitely love to change this. Office furniture is important, not only can it be a beautiful addition to your work space, but when you buy the right products it can also be advantages to your health. According to the List of Tech website bad seating can cause chronic back pain, weight gain, and lower productivity. However, there are many alternatives that can help prevent this issue happening at work. Standing desks are a great way of helping your blood flow levels and can also help you be more active during work hours.

standing desk for office spaces
Source: Amazon

Staying Organised:

If you’re looking for an alternative to your standard whiteboard, you can always try out these amazing Magnetic Glassboards to spruce up your office space. These boards come in different sizes and you can opt to stick with the one Glassboard or create a colourful collage to brighten up the room. These Glassboards have a dry wipe surface and are magnetic which is great for displaying any important notices or even pictures to make your office feel more homely. These are available on our TeacherBoards website in seven beautiful colours and three different sizes.

magnetic whiteboard glassboards
Source: TeacherBoards

Innovative Ideas:

Many businesses appreciate the input of their colleagues and employees and great ideas are always welcome when it comes to improving and progressing. Ideapaint is brilliant for letting customers or employees write down their ideas, suggestions and requests to help you potentially grow as a business. Use this dry wipe whiteboard Ideapaint in communal areas and let your employees know their voices are being heard and their ideas matter.

ideapaint whiteboard wall paint
Source: IdeaPaint

Sophisticated Seating:

It may look like a fuzzy ball of fur, but these modern-design seating options have a lot more benefits than you may think. Backless chairs are great for strengthening your core and keeping you more active when you’re at your desk. Not only do they look great, but the benefit your back significantly and help stop the hunchback that takes over whilst living the 9-5 lifestyle.

bouncy ball office seating

Renovate your Space:

There are hundreds of different ways to renovate your office, whether you want to go sci-fi modern or add a touch of vintage class. Colour schemes and decoration are important for this and you don’t have to break the bank to get your perfect work space. Adding some small touches like a metallic photo frame, a colourful desk lamp, or a desk plant are all things that are cost effective but will make your desk look fabulous. Motivational posters and lucky mascots are also delightful touches that can help you through a stressful work day. Follow our Amazing Office Spaces post on Pinterest for more innovative and incredible ideas for you office.

chalkboard paint and motivational quotes
Source: SpoonGraphics


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