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Learning Life Lessons

Today we are celebrating National Parents as Teachers Day. We might forget that sometimes our parents or guardians can teach us the most important life lessons that we can pass on to further generations. Lessons like riding a bike or tying your tie are things you’ll remember forever but National Parents as Teachers Day can be a little bit more than that. Helping your children out with their homework can improve with their school work in an environment that may not be as fast-paced as everyday school life. Supporting your child with their academic needs can not only help them with their education but it can also allow you to connect with your child as they are growing up. There are many reasons why supporting your child with their education is beneficial for them, it helps highlight that education is important and you can show this by showing an interest in their work. By taking time out of your evening to help your child study it will also give them less time to procrastinate which can lead to them loosing interest in their studies if they get into this damaging routine.

We’ve all been there when a child asks you to help with their homework and it looks completely alien. We didn’t know that Pythagoras’s theorem may actually come in handy someday. TeacherBoards Community has created a post with tips and tricks that can help you support your child and assist them with their studies.

The After School Checklist 

Firstly, it can be a useful idea to set a timetable of when your child should be studying. This gives them a set time to be able to unwind after school and socialise with their peers. This is also a vital aspect of helping your child grow. Creating a routine can be comforting and less stressful as you know what to expect throughout the week which can make it seem less daunting. This After School Timetable by Penny Pinchin Mom is a super useful printable that you can use in your own home.

Source: PennyPinchinMom


Homework Station Set Up

One of the tips by Rainy Day Mum is to set up a homework station for your children so they have a quiet place to study. Avoid putting the homework station in places where you can procrastinate. The station will be no use at all if you plonk it in front of the television as your child will lose interest in the work very quickly and will find it too difficult to concentrate. Furthermore, it can be a disadvantage when you attempt to do important work in your bed. Your bed is meant to be your happy place where you can unwind and fall into a nice deep sleep after a long day of school. By doing your work in your bed you may lose the comforting feeling you get when you’re tucked up and ready for the land of nod as you might associate it with your stressful school work. Rainy Day Mum has also suggested in her post that you should have all your resources at the ready so you and your child can get going as soon as homework time comes around.


Making Homework Fun

This chart is useful for parents to help children with their spelling. It’s an advantageous idea to create fun games out of homework as children find it easier to concentrate on their studies when they are enjoying what they are learning. You can find lots of useful products on our TeacherBoards website that are brilliant resources for making homework an enjoyable task in the home. This Magnetic Dry Wipe Workboard Starter Pack is the ultimate resource back to help you and your child get through homework time. Alternatively, you should peruse our mini whiteboards section as they are a great item to have in the home. You play educational games on or to help along with spelling and mathematics.

workboard starter kits teacherboards
Source: TeacherBoards
Source: ForTheTeachers


Getting Your Hands Dirty

Get creative with learning at home and follow lots of online how to guides. Another way of helping your child learn at home is to get practical and use your imagination. These are just a few examples of all the exciting educational experiences you can have in the home. After experimenting with these practical workshops don’t forget to explain why you’ve been doing them and what the experiment relates to.

homework activities
Source: AndHereWeGoMama, WoodlandsJuniorKent


Have Your Say

National Parents as Teachers Day is a wonderful way of showing our appreciation to the parents who support their children in their academic endeavours and who teach their children everything they know to get them ready for adult life. We’d love to know the best life lesson your parents/guardians taught you – why not tweet us at @Teacherboards and share your greatest family memories.


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