Making Firework Art in the Classroom

Remember, remember the 5th of November

To celebrate the upcoming Guy Fawkes Night, TeacherBoards Community has created a post that includes lots of inspirational ideas of making beautifully bright firework displays (no gunpowder included). Let this bonfire night go out with bang by using these wonderful artistic activities in the classroom. From easy to follow instructions to some more advanced techniques – this post is great for all school pupils.

Although Bonfire Night is a celebration of a historical event that ended rather gruesomely, this holiday event has now evolved into a family friendly tradition. When we think of bonfire night we now relate it to fantastic fireworks, burning bonfires and a whole load of hearty food to warm you up in the upcoming winter months. To kick start the annual celebrations, we’ve created a list of arts and crafts activities to help you and your students get into the spirit of things.

Handprint Bonfires

This first idea is simple to create and would be a great choice for any younger classes. This handprint bonfire by Twinkl only requires a few pieces of equipment to make. This activity can get rather messy so it’s important that you cover the tables in newspaper or an easy wipe table cloth – unless you want brightly coloured handprints spattered around your nice clean classroom. First off: You need bright paint for the fire. It’s better to go for oranges, reds, and yellows to create the illusion of fire. You will also need to make some make-shift logs for the fire to sit on top of using card and some glue. Cover your hands in the luminous paints and make some hand print designs on top of some black card.


1.Black Card

2.Coloured Paints

3.Strips of paper for the logs


bonfire activity classroom idea
Source: Twinkl


3D Displays

This next idea requires a range of different bits and bobs to make this 3D firework display. This design is good for using up any old recycled materials that you have in your classroom and it is also useful to have lots of different coloured sheets of card. This design by Great Aunt includes different colour rockets and stick on stars to make her firework display.

firework art work classroom activity
Source: GreatAunt


Easy to Make

The Learning 4 Kids blog has designed a simple and resourceful way of creating a brightly coloured firework display using some cut up toilet roll tubes and some colourful paints. This example is really easy to make and will make some wonderful paintings that can go up in the classroom or can be taken home to put up on the fridge.

You will need:

A large sheet of paper – it doesn’t matter what colour paper you go for but blue and black can symbolise the night sky.

Some bright paint palettes to represent the fireworks.

Glitter and Sequins (Optional)

A toilet/kitchen roll tube

Source: Learning4Kids


Silhouette Skylines

This other artistic technique requires has included some silhouettes to add some decorative setting to the fireworks painting. You can follow the instructions for this painting on the My Kids Adventures blog page. To make the fireworks, you blow colourful paints through a straw to create lots of star like shapes to decorate your night sky.

Source: MyKidsAdventures


Film Fanatics

This next painting to for all the Harry Potter fans, this technique is for more advanced students as it can be tricky to draw lots of detailed shapes. This design can be transferred into lots of different ideas and you can draw any illustration what you wish using paints and black card.

harry potter firework display for classrooms
Source: Pinterest


Advanced Firework Paintings

Another advanced firework display by Sandy Maudlin here. This idea can be replicated using oil colours or chalk. It is important to make the fireworks look bright and to create the bright lights using lots of shapes and sizes to make it appear more realistic.

firework display artwork
Source: SandyMaudlin


Show us your Work!

There are so many creative ways of making a beautifully bright and bold firework display and we’d love to see your creations! Tag @TeacherBoards in your Twitter pictures and let us know how you and your school celebrated Bonfire Night!


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