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Weight-Gain Winter

The English winter months can be a beautiful time to spend sat by the fire or curled up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and although this can be a great time to relax it also decreases your motivation to stay fit. It’s abundantly clear that it is 10 times easier to throw yourself outside when the sun is shining than it is when we are faced with typical and terrible British weather. However, statistics show that we gain weight during the winter months and it’s a habit we must not teach our children. The NHS Live Well page suggests that as we are less likely to exercise due to colder weather, we become more tempted to snack on unhealthy foods when we are stuck indoors. During the summer months, kids are frequently playing outdoors with their peers and getting involved in more activities. When winter comes around however, it is more tempting for the younger generation to hide away in their bedrooms and play videogames or watch television like technologically-fuelled hedgehogs. TeacherBoards Community has come up with a list of several ideas on breaking the winter weight gain habits and staying active during the colder season.

Not only can increased weight gain become an issue for the younger generation, but the lack of exercise and activities children tend to do in winter can also lead to low moods and increased temper tantrums due to being stuck indoors. Children have high energy levels and they need to release this by staying active. When a young person is stuck doing something mindless and inactive, such as scrolling endlessly through social media platforms; their lack of energy release leads to over-excitement and anger issues.

Get Outdoors

Playing games can increase brain activity that can lead to an increase in motivation; you can manage to play games anywhere but if you’re willing to face the cold don’t forget to wrap up warm. One idea for a fun indoor/outdoor game is creating a winter scavenger hunt you can make a ‘follow me’ trail just about anywhere, just be careful what terrain you are attempting to cross – we don’t want anybody getting hurt. For this game you need to make lots of cards with easy to follow clues on to find the hidden treasure you’ve hidden. Alternatively, you can make a list of things to find outdoors, such as a brightly coloured flower or an oddly shaped rock, and tick off all your findings as you go along. This can be a fun game to make into a competition if you split off into groups – the losing groups can make tea!

Get Your Mind Fit

Finding things to do that won’t break the bank in the Christmas holidays can be challenging; we’ve looked through the Visit England website to pull out a few inexpensive examples. The first idea is not for the faint-hearted – why not visit your nearest Go Ape and get your adrenaline pumping with all the exciting activities you can do on this great day out? Alternatively, you could visit Eureka – The National Children’s Museum in Halifax, West Yorkshire. This museum is both educational and energetic as there are lots of activities you can follow on this fabulous day out. This museum is family friendly and is enjoyable and affordable.

eureka stay active winter education
Source: Eureka

Affordable and Enjoyable

Why not take your outdoors inside during this cold weather and do all your exercising activities in the warm indoors. Indoor swimming pools are great for keeping you and your family active and a lot of leisure centres are rather local, so you won’t need to stress about an abundance of unnecessary travel. If you’re not into joining in at the swimming baths you can sit and relax by the side of the pool with a good book whilst the children are releasing all of their built up energy minute by minute. You can also get into the spirit of winter by visiting your local Ice Rink and dancing around on the ice – probably not the best call if you have two left feet.

Home Comforts

If you aren’t willing to face the winter weather you can always set up your own activities in the comfort of your own home. A family favourite to bring back some nostalgic memories is setting up a simple obstacle course and playing ‘The Floor is Lava’. The game is super popular but if you haven’t heard of it the rules are simple: You have to climb from object to obstacle but you can’t touch the floor in the process. Make sure your obstacle course is safe as you don’t want to break up with any cuts a bruises – this game is a fool proof way of getting active and having fun.

Keeping Them Busy

You could also ask the young ones to compete in a dance competition where they have a certain amount of time to practise and then they need to put on a show. This gets them prancing around for a good hour whilst there making up their routine to show you later on. In the mean time you can catch up on your forgotten about housework or sit in front of the television whilst it’s finally free. Having little non-competitive competitions can keep your kids motivated and keeps them active in the season that revolves around optimum comfort.

Stubborn Solutions

These last ideas are a final go-to when your kids are refusing to leave the company of the television. You can keep your kids up and active without them even realising it by getting them involved in family-friendly get up and go video games. Some of the most popular games are the Eye-toy or the Nintendo Wii Fit – these are alternate mediums of exercising indoors.

The school holidays are around the corner and it’s easy for your kids to get stuck in a routine that’s non-compelling and extremely boring for them. To keep in high spirits during the Christmas holidays it’s better to keep active as it releases endorphins which help keep your mind and body healthy and happy. We hope this post has proven useful for you and your family and we’d love to know your thoughts on our Twitter. Why not tweet us at @TeacherBoards and let us know your top tips on keeping fit in the cold winter months.


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