January Organisation Month

For many of us, mid November through to December is a time to cram in our bad habits, chocolate binges, and couch potato-ing all in the name of Christmas. A big jump from the nativity story line we’re used to, but a tradition non the less. January is here now, and it’s time to implement your 101 new years resolutions and become the most determined, organised, motivated version of yourself that you could have ever imagined (until next November at least). For January Organisation Month, TeacherBoards Community have put together a list of tools and tips for teachers, parents, and students to keep you inspired and on top of your game for 2019…

Getting a Head Start

For anyone who isn’t an early riser, getting out of bed before you absolutely have to sounds a little too eccentric for these cold, dark mornings. However, it is proven to help you stay motivated throughout the day. You can start small by taking 20 minutes off of your usual alarm to give yourself time for simple tasks such as breakfast at home, morning showers/solo karaoke sessions, or even a quick workout. Sounds a little bit intense for ‘bright and early’ beginners, but the benefits it has for your mindset can really pay off.

Tips for Parents:

Trying to get your little darlings out of bed before they deem acceptable puts you on the front line, having something exciting such as a new breakfast cereal, reminding them of something to look forward to e.g. having a friend over that day can lift their spirits and distract them their usual grizzly routine.

Tips for Teachers:

Make your morning time about you. Make sure your ducks are in a row before you go to bed so it isn’t the first thing you’re thinking about when you wake up.

Tips for Students:

Waking up earlier can be done gradually if you’re finding it difficult to implement straight away. Having a set bedtime and nighttime routine can help.

Breaking up your Work and Home Life

Sometimes leaving your work at work isn’t possible, but this doesn’t mean working through the night is acceptable. Finding the right balance can be tricky at first but you’ll thank yourself for it later. Productivity requires inspiration, and many of us lose this spark of inspiration after looking at a computer screen or a sheet of paper for 12 days straight, put the work down and your feet up.

Tips for Parents:

Have an allotted schedule for homework and other tasks each week for your children to follow can help them get into a routine and end the tantrums and last minute panics of cramming all the work in in one night.

Tips for Teachers:

Take time out for your hobbies and ‘you-time’. It can be so easy to get bogged down in school work that your home becomes an extension of your office. Some people prefer to keep busy as a way of keeping active, others prefer to take a more chilled approach, doing which ever makes you happy is very important to get a healthy work/life balance.

Tips for Students:

Communicate your feelings with your friends, parents, or teachers. Sometimes your emotions can get the better of you and it isn’t healthy to keep it building up on your shoulders. Talking to other people about your concerns can help them give another perspective on the matter, some motivation, or even a solution.

Organising Your Work Space

A tidy space for a tidy mind is important to consider here. We all have different levels of what we call organised, some of us are list creators and others are sticky note scribblers. Starting with the basics is a sure way of starting off your 2019 right.

Inspiration for Parents: 

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Inspiration for Teachers: 

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Inspiration for Students:

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If you’re still struggling for ideas on how to stay organised, we’ve created a January Organisation Month board on Pinterest, split into three categories. Be the best you this 2019, and make your mark with TeacherBoards. Click here for our Pinterest board.

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