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On average, people in the UK spend more than 30 hours a week in the office, so it leads to question why so many offices look tired and drab. TeacherBoards Community have compiled a list of the most innovative and beautiful office spaces around the world to give you some inspiration on how you turn your office from grey cloud to silver lining.

1. The Innocent Smoothie Office based at Fruit Tower in London is an example of everything you need to create a happy place for employees. From faux grass flooring to picnic style lunch spaces, this space has managed the great outdoors inside, with no fear of the dramatic British summertime weather.

amazing office spaces

2. These beautiful Mobile Glassboards add pops of pastel colours to the modern work environment. These are great to create spaces or zones within open plan offices. They are available with double sided writing surfaces, acoustic properties and magnetic features which are great for displaying and promoting. You can find them on our TeacherBoards website here.

3. The head office at Zynga offers a more contemporary style of implementing a ‘happy space’ in a work place. Instead of basic couches and a vending machine they have pool tables, a games room and even a place to hang out with some adorable fury friends. Dog therapy is proven to combat work pressure and help promote a calm environment for people feeling stress and anxiety – the best way to tackle a ruff day.

4. These bright and bold offices were designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects are sure to wake you up on a grey day, it’s amazing what a colourful lick of paint can do a place.

5. This minimalist style wall decor is a contemporary alternative to a whiteboard. Great for adding a touch to simplicity to a busy work environment.

alternative whiteboard ideas

6. This office space has gone with a modern yet rustic theme with exposed brick and plush Chesterfield’s. The mix of natural and artificial lightning makes the brickwork appear brighter and more welcoming.

office idea inspiration

7. This concept by Ideapaint offers a space for employees to write motivational posts, ideas, and dates for upcoming events for everyone to read. This whiteboard wall paint is a great addition to any meeting room, communal area or office. Find it here.

8. This office space really celebrates those with their head in the clouds. They can be used as a quirky meeting space, interviews or as a relaxing chill out spot.

Google office meeting rooms

If you’d like to see more office inspiration, check out our Pinterest page here.


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