Halloween Special – Wicked Wishlist

Happy Halloween from everyone at TeacherBoards, to celebrate this hair-raising holiday we’ve created a wicked wish-list of Halloween themed activities and novelties for your classroom.

Googly Ghosts

We can kick start this child friendly checklist by getting into the *spirit* of things…literally. These make-it-yourself ghosts are simple to make and are a great way of decorating your classroom or a fun decoration to take home. These paper ghosts are made from paper cups and can be decorated with crepe paper and a set of googly eyes.

paper ghost classroom activity
Source: First Palette


Halloween Lanterns

This next idea is a wonderful way of upcycling any glass jars to use as spooky Halloween decorations. These jars are easy to make and are a great way of re-using any old jars you may have lying around. These Halloween lanterns can be decorated however you like and all you would need is:

1.Clean empty jars

2.PVA glue (mixed with some water so it’s not overly opaque)

3.Different coloured tissue paper

4.Black card (to cut out some spooky silhouettes)

5.Tea light candles – battery powered would also work and would be safer to use with younger students.

Follow these simple instructions from Le Coin De Mel and get started with your recycled Halloween lanterns.

Source: Le Coin De Mel


Fear Eaters

Another way of celebrating Halloween in school all depends on how silly you are willing to make yourself look. If you love fancy dress this may be the activity for you, why not dress up in your silliest costume and rock up to work as a ‘fear eater’. As a ‘fear eater’ you are meant to ask children what their worries are or what they are scared of and ‘eat them up’ so they don’t have to worry about them anymore. This activity can help you get to know your class and it can help them express their emotions and any difficulties they might be facing. It might be idea to wear your costume for the last hour of the day so your class doesn’t get overly giddy and find it difficult to concentrate on their school work.

Brilliant Biscuits

These DIY biscuit lollies are tasty and terrifying! Why not bake some shortbread cookies and decorate them with spooky signatures and peculiar pictures. This activity can get a bit messy, so make sure you put some table covers down and ask your students to wash their hands before handling the edibles.

Source: Spaceships And Laser Beams


Spooky Silhouettes 

Arts and craft lessons are always an enjoyable surprise in the classroom. This next activity is a great way of exploring different painting styles and urging children to get creative and make something unique. These Halloween based pictures are one of the ideas you could follow in the classroom to make something colourful and holiday-themed. You can follow the link to find instructions on making these haunted house outlines by Tales from a Very Busy Teacher or you could create an alternate art project.

halloween classroom activity
Source: Tales from a Very Busy Teacher


Petrifying Plates

This last idea to celebrate All Hollows Eve in style is to create some spooky and impressive decorations only using paper plates! There are tons of different Halloween ideas that can inspire your decorations. If you’re stuck on what to make why not check out the Crafty Morning webpage to find 20 paper plates Halloween crafts.

Source: Crafty Morning


All you would need for this activity is:

1.Paper Plates

2.Lots of colourful card


You could also add some glitter, sequins or a pair of googly eyes but this is optional. This activity may get a little bit messy so make sure you cover your tables so they don’t get covered in glue and glitter.


We’re eager to see what you and your class got up to this Halloween, tweet us your photos and tag @teacherboards!


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