Glass boards vs standard whiteboards

glass board vs whiteboards

Whiteboards are a staple in many different environments, from the office, to the classroom, to the home, and more! They are a great way to record, explore and share ideas, and they are eco-friendly to boot!

Available in a range of different sizes, as well as wall-mounted and mobile options, they are incredibly popular in all walks of life! And with that popularity, the standard whiteboard has evolved to stay relevant, with interactive whiteboards and even glass whiteboards. With this is mind, you may find yourself asking the question, which type of board is right for you? And whether the standard whiteboard is still relevant?

Let’s take a look:

Standard whiteboard

As previously touched upon, whiteboards are perfect for note-taking, recording information, and exploring and sharing ideas. Because of this function, they are particularly popular within learning environments, such as schools; as well as workplaces for presentations and brainstorming sessions. They are a great place to hash out ideas and pull together all kinds of information, as well as removing information with a swift wipe.

Available in a range of sizes, and at affordable prices, there is always a whiteboard to suit the specific requirements. Mini whiteboards are increasingly popular with students for individual learning; medium whiteboards work well in home offices and workstations; and large whiteboards are ideal for classrooms and offices.

Nowadays, whiteboards can have a duality to them, whether it’s a cork or felt surface, or by simply making them magnetic. This widens the use of a whiteboard, allowing more options for use.

Glass whiteboard

A strong and durable evolution to the standard whiteboard, glass whiteboards modernise the look and feel of the board, bringing a more contemporary and modern look. Simply by using glass, without any border, glass whiteboards have created simple and clean lines, allowing them to blend into any environment whilst remaining professional and stylish – perfect for the office environment.

On top of their sleek look, they are better equipped to withstand staining, or ghosting, unlike standard whiteboards. The use of glass ensures a clean look after every wipe. They are also available in a range of colours. As glass is see-through, it requires a colour on the back to ensure legibility. This doesn’t typically have to be white, so you can choose a colour to better match your office colour scheme or branding colours. You could choose to have a photograph printed on the back or a printed logo if you wanted to tie in with company branding.  And some glass whiteboards even have LED lighting to add a high-quality feel to the working environment.

Glass whiteboards are made of toughened glass, so contrary to belief, they are extremely durable and difficult to break. You needn’t worry about adding too much pressure when writing or leaning against one of these; they can handle it! They are also supported with a steel backing for further reinforcement.

Available in a selection of sizes, and available as wall-mounted and mobile glassboards, glass whiteboards are typically more expensive than their standard counterpart. However, the materials used to produce them are longer-lasting, making them a popular choice for many.


Each board type has its own advantages.  Glass whitebaords are sleek and stylish, making them ideal for more professional environments, whilst standard whiteboards continue to be a roaring success within the school environments. Whether you are looking to purchase a standard whiteboard or a glass whiteboard we at TeacherBoards would be happy to help.

At TeacherBoards, we have a range of standard whiteboards, with whole wall solutions, mobile options, mini whiteboards and personal drywipe lapboards. Our UK manufactured whiteboards are available in the widest range of sizes anywhere on the market and we can create bespoke sizes for customers too! We also have a range of beautiful glass whiteboards, in a variety of sizes, made from hardened safety glass, with a magnetic surface at competitive prices; with wall-fixed and mobile glassboards available, as well as an installation service, available on request. We also have a range of markers, magnets and other accessories to complete the look!

We are confident we are able to supply you with just what you’re looking for. Call us on 01756 700 501 or contact us with an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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