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With the vast range of subjects and topics to revise over the examination and assessment period, having an efficient and strategic study plan is essential in order to stay on track with your goals. The following post illustrates a round up of great revision timetabling and planning examples to get students inspired to start there revision planning early.

Timetables & Journals

Get the most out of your school journal with daily and weekly notes, colour coded by subject area or area of life. A great example, is the following by NantucketIsland who colour coordinates tasks for school, social and sports.


Make your own journal with daily and weekly views, this way you can tailor it to your needs and include home duties and extra curricular activities. This journal blogged by Michelle Pugh, allows for a weekly and daily glance with plenty of room for daily goal planning.


Keep it visible by creating a post-it calender on the bedroom wall like the one below from Tatertots & Jello,  which shows you the whole exam period at a glance, great for keeping track of upcoming deadlines and exams across the assessment months. Great for visualising a longer term plan.

post-it calender


Get on-line and create a virtual planner which can be accessed anywhere and easily edited and personalised. The following online resource from Get Revising  is a great place to start, allowing you to create an hourly schedule for daily activities.

Noticeboards & Whiteboards

Noticeboards and whiteboards are great for displaying important notes, dates and resources, keep everything in sight and organised for a whole overview of important reminders and deadlines.


Free Printables

The internet holds  a vast range of free printables available to assist with organisation and revision planning. A great idea would be to make a binder of printables for weekly, monthly and subject plans that can be continually updated to track your progress.

This printable from The Organised Student is great for creating a break down of all subjects so you can prioritise the subjects which require more attention and you can continually update the  sheet as more of your revision goals are completed.



The Goal Getter free printable from Living That Library Lifestyle is great motivator for individual goals. Create a printable for each of your revision and study goals and update your revision milestones as you progress. Keep the printables in a binder and when your motivation and organisation drops, you can refer to your goal sheets for inspiration.


Revision Posters and Diagrams

Revision posters are a great way to condense a whole topic of notes down into key points and diagrams. Diagrams and pictures are great for students who interact better with visual aids, a detailed annotated picture like seen below in the revision Poster by The Organised Student can form a very effective revision and study poster.

Revision Notes

Simple mind maps can provide an overview of a subject or topic, with colour coded branches for each sub-topic. Create a mind-map for each revision topic, when you are lacking motivation or organisation, refer back to the mind map to choose an area to study which you are not as familiar with. The following mind map by Matt Bacak on Hongkiat provides an inspirational starting point, the Hongkiat page contains a collection of 43 different illustrations to inspire your revision mind maps.



Use the inspiration from the revision planning examples to get creating and revising. Good luck with the exams!



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