Easter Activities for the Classroom

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Easter is just around the corner, you may already be counting down the days if you gave up chocolate for lent. TeacherBoards Community have compiled an array of ideas for Easter crafts and classroom decorations that you can make during lesson time. Whether you’re hoping to spring clean the scrap paper drawer or show your sweet side with an abundance of mini eggs and chocolate themed crafts, we’ve got the right activity for you and your class. These pastel palette colours and fluffy cotton tails are a delight to pin up in the classroom, or for parents to hang up on their fridge

Eggcellent Doily Crafts

This Easter egg activity is super easy to make and are a great addition to any Easter themed displays you have in your classroom. You can choose different coloured card or craft paper to go behind the painted doily to add even more colour to your creation.

East Crafts for Students
Source: ALittlePinchOfPerfect

DIY Designs

Give your scrap paper drawer a spring clean with these recycled rabbit designs from Arty Crafty Kids. You can pre-cut a range of shapes for your students to work with or give them free range to design Easter themed cards.

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Easter
Source: ArtyCraftyKids


Crackin’ Clay Easter Bunting

This easy to make bunting is a sure way of brightening up a room. Go for bright and bold colours or pretty pastels for your Easter themed bunting.

Easter craft activities for kids
Source: MumInTheMadHouse

Eco Egg Boxes

When it comes to teaching children the importance of cutting down on waste, recycling is no yolk. These Eco Egg Boxes can be used as a teaching technique to show how you can recycle as part of a fun activity. Fill them with sweets, biscuits & other delights for children to give as a present. Read tips and inspiration on how to make your own Eco Egg Boxes here.

Eco craft activities for children
Source: TheOldFashionedMama

These Bunny Cookies Really Take The Biscuit

You can simplify these Bunny Biscuits by buying ready made biscuits or go the full mile by baking them in class. All you will need for this task is:

  • Round Biscuits (Large in size and light in colour)
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Coloured Icing
  • Circle Sprinkles
baking with students
Source: Pillsbury

You can find more tips and a video on how to create these on the Pillsbury website.

Give Your Desk a Spring Clean

Try another eco-friendly take on Easter activities with these animal desk tidies. Made from recycled paper rolls, you can either paint or wrap scrap paper round the tubes to create the body of your furry friends. You can then add cut out shapes, sequins, craft feathers, googly eyes and more to make it vibrant and unique to each student. These can be used as a desk tidy for pens and pencils on student’s desks or to be used as a treat basket to take home.

craft activities for primary students
Source: Pinterest

Angorable Rabbit Pots

These adorable Bunny Pots definitely ‘warrent’ a try. You can mix and match the equipment you use dependent to what you have available, for example; switch up the terracotta pots for recycled and painted yogurt pots. These are a great little gift for students to take home or to decorate their desk with.

arts and crafts for kids
Source: HomeDesignInspired


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