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October is TeacherBoards Literacy Month which celebrates the importance of reading, literature and grammar. As recent studies have shown that their has been a decline in reading in young people, we have explored various ways on trying to get them back in the swing of literacy. Reading and writing is essential for brain development, so it is important to monitor a child’s progression when it comes to leaning literacy. TeacherBoards has created some exciting and educational templates to use in primary school classrooms.

My Reading Journal

This reading journal is a simple and useful way of finding out what level a student’s reading is at and whether or not they are spending time out of lessons to improve. It also has a column for your students to reveal how they feel about their reading skills and if they found that particular book difficult to read. The short description helps children remember and process what they have just read to help them understand the story better.

reading journal for primary schools
Source: TeacherBoards

Create a Story Sheet

This story is great for children to run wild with their imagination. It can sometimes be quite tricky to start a story off with no back story, so this template is super useful for kick starting a story line. This image shows a few examples you can use but the printable template is blank so you can create your own. This is great to use in literacy lessons. Either the teacher of the students pick one box from each row and create a story from it, the possibilities are endless.

create a story template for primary schools
Source: TeacherBoards


Print them for free!

Click on the links to print out these free PDF templates, these are great to use in the classroom and even in the home on a rainy day.



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