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DIY Instruments

Due to an unfortunate string of events within the education sector, school budgets are consistently being cut which comes as a major disadvantage when it comes to purchasing new resources for the school, its students and its staff. Consequently, the arts department usually suffers the most as lessons such as art, drama and music are no longer recognised as essential. However, studies have shown that these lessons have great benefits for creative development, critical thinking and innovative ideas. You can always opt for recycled and creative tools to create resources for your class so they don’t miss out on the musical experience. TeacherBoards have created a post that contains ideas and tips on designing tools and play areas full of instruments and musical delights for younger minds to play with. We’ve taken the inspiration from both outdoor and indoor areas, scroll down to see our favourites.

Arts and Craft Instruments

Instruments can be expensive, and believe it or not young children don’t seem to take into account the hefty price tag when they’re wiping their sticky fingers on them and dragging them across the floor. These recycled and crafty creations are fun to make, re-usable and not expensive.

diy music lessons for primary students
Source: DIYInspired
music lessons for primary education
Source: AliceAndLois

The Great Escape

Music can be relaxing, motivational and fun for kids to listen to or play. This outdoor play area is great for children to use during their break time or even as an outdoor lesson during summer. You can create this by using up-cycled materials and unwanted toys or tools. This can help children process sounds in a controlled manner, understanding what noises come from what part of the instrument. You can also develop this by questioning why your chosen objects make certain sounds and use different sizes and materials to create a wider variety.

music lessons for primary school
Source: DaycareSpacesAndIdeas

Musical Circle Time

This outdoor music area is great for group music lessons or bringing students together during outdoor play time. As it also seconds as a ‘movement’ area, you can double it as a drama lesson and create backing music to go with it.

music lessons for primary education
Source: Pinterest

Lesson Idea 1:

A brilliant idea for the older students is to create a school radio station. You can assign students job roles (such as DJ, musician, presenter and newscaster) to help them learn professional life skills for future career paths such as punctuality, organisation, business methods and team work. This lesson is a great team building exercise and motivates children to help each other as a way of gaining group success.

Lesson Idea 2:

Create sounds as part of the backing music for a story line or a play. This activity can help students analyse a text or described situation and explore the emotional and psychological nature of the text. This can help them develop their sense of association and reflection.

You can also take a look at our DIY Music section on our TeacherBoards Pinterest page. This board has even more ideas and tips for DIY and ‘up-cycled’ instruments you can make in the classroom along with lesson ideas and inspiration. Click here to view our Pinterest board.


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