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When it comes to adding a bit of colour into your office, you might want to think a little more outside the box than simply painting the walls or adding soft furnishings. Colour plays an important role with our lives, and can be practical as well as beautiful so why not consider adding colour with your glass whiteboards.

We’ve taken a look at how different coloured glass whiteboards can be used within the workplace and how this might help your office space function better:

Enhances brand identity

Branding is the ultimate marketing tool when it comes to presenting yourself as a business. It’s the best way to convey who you are as a business and what you offer. It raises brand awareness and, in turn, increases sales. Your business will have a name, logo, and brand colourways that defines you from other companies. Through the use of glass whiteboards, you can enhance your brand colourway within the workplace in a functional way.

Influences mood and productivity

Colour plays an important role on our mood and, in turn, our productivity. Fact! If you’re looking for particular colours to lighten the mood and enhance work ethic, consider the following:

  • Green and blue tend to improve efficiency and focus. Stemming from the natural world around us, they inspire wellbeing.
  • Red and orange lead to action, attention and passion. If you’re looking for a way to create focus and get people’s attention, these the colours for the job
  • Yellow exudes optimism and energy – ideal for creative office environments, such as writers, artists, and designers.

You might be best mixing up the colour palette within the office, so consider how glass whiteboards will work within the space and what colour would best benefit.

Establishes office areas

Different areas within the office or workspace require different attention. For instance, you wouldn’t treat the kitchen area in the same way as you would a meeting room. Colour can be a great indicator of different work areas. Consider how each space works and then give thought to how you can utilise your glass whiteboards within the space:

  • Reception and waiting areas should create a welcoming first impression. This is where you want your brand colours to shine and a glass whiteboard can do just that!
  • Workspaces need to encourage concentration and productivity, as well as reduce anxiety. This is where you might need to give thought to how your workspace functions and what coloured glass whiteboard might best suit
  • Breakout spaces, including the kitchen are a great place to experiment with a pop of colour. This is where the right colour glass whiteboard can evoke energy, or grab attention. Give thought to what you want to achieve and run with it.

Understanding colour association

Colour is a powerful tool and can mean different things to different people though either natural association or cultural/psychological association. For example, natural association is when we add meaning to colour from the natural world. Blue links to the sky or the sea, green to nature, and yellow to the sun. Cultural/psychological association is when we add meaning through what we have been taught. So it’s always worth considering colours though these two associations before finalising your colour choices. For example, whilst red might refer to action, attention and passion, it can also mean anger and other negative connotations. Give thought to your office environment and your target audience to ensure the colours you are using encourage and embrace your company.

Consider accessibility

Whilst colour is great within the workplace, it is also important to consider accessibility for all staff and give thought to how colour can help, and hinder. Consider the following:

  • Never use colour alone to show emphasis, as this might make it difficult for those that are colourblind or have low vision. So, bear this in mind when using coloured glass whiteboards. Perhaps, give thought to how you are writing on the whiteboards as well; from writing in capital letters to underlining, using italics or even using a thicker pen.
  • Ensure colour has a strong contract. If you’re wanting to use a coloured glass whiteboard, make sure the colour you have chosen has a strong enough contrast around it. Consider the pen colour and any magnets you might choose to use on magnetic whiteboards to create enough contrast for all to see.

Choose TeacherBoards

Harnessing the power of colour within the workplace is a great way to encourage productivity, lift spirits, establish different areas and create the right associations. If done correctly, colour is one of the most powerful tools within the workplace, and coloured glass whiteboards are the perfect solution to adding colour and function. If you’re considering purchasing a coloured glass whiteboard for your office or workspace, look no further than TeacherBoards. Our choice of bright, bold and inspiring colour glass writing boards provide a contemporary alternative to traditional dry-wipe boards. The glass has a magnetic surface too, and with coloured glass board magnets, our glass magnetic whiteboards are a great way to add some colour to your office.

We are confident we are able to supply you with just what you are looking for. Call us on 01756 700 501 or contact us with an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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