Decorating the Classroom for Christmas

christmas tree paper

We hear those Sleigh Bells Ringing…

Christmas time in the classroom can get quite tedious when you’re surrounded with promises of the holidays at home but you still have weeks left at work. To make Christmas time more work-friendly it’s always a good idea to spruce up your work space and classroom to make you are your students feel a part of the holiday spirit. TeacherBoards Community have created a post with you in mind, full of creative and Christmassy ideas to transform your classroom into a winter wonderland. You may not have the time or space to have your own full size Christmas tree packed with tinsel and baubles but you can always get your students involved with creating something that’s both educational and artistic.

Scrap Paper Trees

Don’t break the budget this year when everything you need is on your doorstep! Lots of these Christmas decoration ideas can be made using recycled paper and cardboard, and you can spruce them up using a splash of paint or some glitter. Take these simple scrap-paper trees by Ruby and the Dodo, this idea is easy to replicate and can make great use of the scrap paper draw that has been overflowing for as long as you can remember. You can cut out straight strips to use colourful rectangular shapes, or tear the strips yourself to make the tree look a bit more homemade and personal. All you need to do is stick them onto some coloured card, just like the picture below, and add a sparkly star to the top.

christmas decorations for classrooms
Source: RubyAndTheDodo


Santa’s List

This ‘Naughty or Nice’ list is a great way of letting your class know when they have been displaying either good or inappropriate behaviour. In this example, by Mrs Lees Kinder Kids, it displays examples on how to be ‘nice’ and what is considered ‘naughty’. This is a good way of explaining what behaviour is acceptable in the classroom and what will not be expected. The alternative is to use your students’ names to demonstrate who has shown good behaviour, however they may not understand why their behaviour has been naughty or nice meaning they will not be able to grow from it. To make it a bit more creative, why not get your class to write down their own naughty and nice objectives to make them feel like they can be in control of their own behaviour.

christmas classroom decoartions
Source: MrsLeesKinderKids


Winter Wonderland

For the smaller classrooms, you can design your own scenery to open up a bit of space and make your room look like a winter wonderland without having to cramp everything in the corner. These winter window scenes are perfect for brightening up any blank walls. You can get your class working individually to make their own smaller scenes, or as a group to create something larger and more spectacular.

What you will need:

  • -Black or brown paper/card (for the window frame)
  • -Coloured card (for the background)
  • -Coloured paints
  • -Glitter/sequins (optional)
  • -Glue

There are many ways of creating this winter window scene, found on Twinkl, it may be easier for some children to draw using pencils and crayons instead of paint, but the possibilities are endless for this design. You could even take the time to cut out some simple shapes of different sizes so your class can be more imaginative with their designs.

Source: Twinkl


‘Elf Yourself’ Creations

This ‘Elf Yourself’ idea is both fun and original, a brilliant way of getting students of all ages involved in the Christmas magic. You can either ask your class to bring in a funny photo of themselves that they don’t mind cutting up, or depending on the resources available in your school, you can take them during school time. For the younger children, it might be easier to have a pre-made design for an elf costume that they can colour in or paint. All you need to do is cut around your face shape and stick it onto the elf body. These will look great pinned to your display boards in the classroom and would also make unique and imaginative decorations to take home during the holidays. You can truly out-elf yourself with this craft pack by Teachers Pay Teachers.

classroom decorations
Source: TeachersPayTeachers


Simple to make String Lights

This next idea is simple but sweet. If you don’t have the space to pin up any works of art or Christmas decorations around the room you could always stick to adding something subtle to your classroom entrance. These Christmas lights are easy to make, and you can make use of any bits of coloured card you find lying around school, which is usually pretty easy around the Christmas period! If you don’t have the time to make these paper lights yourself, why not get your class to cut out their own individual bulbs that they can decorate however they like.

  • -What you will need:
  • -Black string (to use as wire)
  • -Coloured card
  • -Pens, pencils or paints (to decorate)
  • -Glitter glue or sequins (optional)
classroom decorations for Christmas
Source: Indulgy



We have lots more Christmas themed ideas on our TeacherBoard’s Pinterest page – click the link to find more. You can find different arts and craft ideas for you and your students to get involved in, or some smaller decorations you might want to create on your own to make Christmas special for everyone.

Take a Look…

Don’t forget, if you don’t have any board space to display your student’s work, TeacherBoards has a vast range of noticeboards and pin boards that can help brighten up your classroom without having to cover your walls in Bluetack and pin holes. Why not browse through our Rainbow Felt Noticeboard range this Christmas, these boards are available in 20 different colours that can make your Christmas display look out of this world.

rainbow felt notice boards
Source: TeacherBoards





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