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Are our classrooms forward thinking?

It comes as no surprise that many children frequently lack concentration during lesson time, and this can lead to a rise in inappropriate behaviour within the classroom. Many of us remember the days at school staring at the chalkboard, or the whiteboard if you’re younger (or even the fancy interactive touch screen whiteboards if you’re even younger). Boredom would set in pretty quickly and your mind would begin to wonder away. It wasn’t until your name was shouted repeatedly that you would snap back to reality, forgetting what lesson you were in and the teacher seemed to talking absolute gobbledygook. This seems to be a common experience for many post-students. Although educational technology seems to be pushing forward, the foundation of the classroom stays square and stagnant. Sitting still and quiet, facing the board and concentrating on the teacher is the system many schools have stuck to. However, many studies show that many children cannot thrive from this environment and significant adjustments need to be made. According to an article by Oxford Learning a major 70% of children have difficulty focusing and staying on task during lesson time. These contemporary classroom designs and products are just a few examples on current or futuristic measures that are theoretically meant to increase development within the academic sector and increase concentration levels of the individuals.


When students are made to concentrate on the same thing for long periods of time they can get extremely fidgety. Sitting down with you feet on the floor and legs under the desk can get uncomfortable and this can distract children from the tasks at hand. Here are a few alternate seating devices that can help children comfortably concentrate in the classroom.

Lap Desks

These lap desks are great for floor time activities. Children can become more flexible with their movement and adjust themselves easily when they are sat on the floor. You can use these for reading and writing and they are a great, portable solution for the classroom.

lap desk for flexible learning
Source: OrganizeIt

The HIVE Chair

Another brilliant seating idea is the HIVE chair that you can find on our TeacherBoards website. These are great for all school years, they have movable castors and a mini desk attached on one arm. These chairs are great for group work as you can easily glide on its wheels.

the hive chair
Source: TeacherBoards

The Jellyfish Stool

This next chair, found on Geek Alerts, is both enjoyable and beneficial. Great for teachers and students, this bouncy chair provides excellent support for you core and back. It is also a useful tool for students who tend to get restless when sat behind a desk. These would be a great addition to the school library and the classroom, this product connects comfort with concentration – and it looks super fun too!

office or classroom seating
Source: GeekAlerts

Flexible Classrooms:

These contemporary classroom ideas are designed to help students communicate better in the classroom. With these examples, no students are pushed to the back of the classroom and there is more flexibility on seating arrangements which promotes a better learning environment.

Adaptive Learning

This first example found on EdTech Review combines educational technology with a flexible learning space. The classroom seems compact thus meaning communication levels can increase through adaptive learning.

adaptive learning and contemporary classrooms
Source: EdTech

Space for Comfortable Communication

This next idea seems to based around a University lecture theatre. Again, communication with the lesson would be much easier, the acoustics would be better and one and one time with the teacher will be more frequent.

alternate classroom designs
Source: ComputerEducationWorld

Brighter Spaces, Brighter Minds

An amazing idea for primary and nursery schools in this next example. This design has lots of open space and light to create a relaxed and aesthetically pleasing classroom environment. There are alternate seating arrangements in this space for individuals to select their preferred seating. You could also set up different tasks at the different stations so children can move from one space to another, keeping them active and focused.

alternate classroom designs
Source: BuzzFeed

Eco Friendly Environments:

It is important that we teach the younger generation the importance of our environment and how to keep it safe. What better way than to nurture their interest of the environment by raising them, in an academic sense, with an Eco-friendly and hospitable school.

The Great Outdoors

This outdoor classroom might not be great for our British weather, but there are lots of ways round this to make sure you’re out of the rain. Besides this, on summer days taking your class for some outdoor learning can be really enjoyable. Some studies suggest that working outside can help improve a child’s education as they become more involved with nature and new senses.

alternate learning spaces
Source: TopBanana

A Glance at the Future

This last example is a futuristic concept of Eco-modular schools. They can be created from recyclable materials and adapt to its environment to ensure its functional ability. According to Design Buzz ‘Apart from being easily transportable, these small lightweight modular elements also allow the structure of these relocatable classrooms to make the best of changing climatic situations as well.’

alternate learning spaces and modular classrooms
Source: DesignBuzz

Could these designs be the future for our schools? Tell us what you think on the comments below or find us on Twitter with @TeacherBoards. Follow our Pinterest page for further ideas and designs on contemporary and Eco-friendly classroom examples.





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