Celebrate Alien Day – Create your own planet workshop


Currently on Twitter, the hashtag #AlienDay is trending. We thought this would be a great way of kick starting some extra terrestrial themed science lessons. Below we have created a workbook for Primary students to fill in to help boost their creativity and get them interested in the Solar System. Not only that, but these worksheets encourage children to think about the environment, how it is currently being damaged and how they can help protect it. Read on and print your own free PDF worksheets for you and your class.

Design Your Own Planet

The first part of the work book is meant to get the creative juices flowing. There will be so many unique concepts for your students that will look great pinned up on your classroom display boards. Start off by describing how our planet works, how man-made creations effect the environment and what other theorists have envisioned as the ‘perfect planet’ or how our planet will look in the future. This will help inspire students design a planet that will eco-friendly and safe for every-being to live on.

free classroom education printables
Source: TeacherBoards

The next chapter involves writing down ways to protect the planet once we (or any other being) have inhabited it. By getting your students to bullet point what they see as key aspects, it will show you what they see as essential and whether or not they are on the right track to understanding our environment.

free classroom printables
Source: TeacherBoards

Writing the rules for a new planet is another essential feature. You may find children writing a few extreme rules here, but that’s all part of the fun. This will also show what your students value and what they think is important for starting life again on a new planet.

free classroom printables
Source: TeacherBoards

Do your Research

Before you hand out these printable worksheets we’ve also found these interesting science sheets that will help along with teaching about the environment and our Solar System.

This Pinterest post link you to some printable planet flashcards – great for learning about the other planets in our Solar System and how their planet is designed to survive.

planet education science printable flashcards
Source: Pinterest

This next post is a quick fact sheet about recycling from the Green Education Foundation. You can also find out more information on environmental education in our previous article, click here to view.

environmental education recycling
Source: GreenEducationFoundation

Have Your Say!

TeacherBoards would love to see how you and your class got on with these fabulous free work sheets. Why not send us a tweet by tagging @TeacherBoards and show us your amazing eco-planets? Write down your science lesson ideas in the comments section below.


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