Beating the January Blues

Turn Blue Monday into Monday Motivation

As today is the day we observe the infamous ‘Blue Monday’, TeacherBoards Community thought you might need that extra push to get you out of the winter blues and back on track with your resolutions. If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘Blue Monday’, it is said to be the most depressing day of the year, and there are many convincing reasons as to why. The most popular reasons as to why people blame this particular day as being ‘the worst day of the year’ is due to miserable weather conditions, post-Christmas debt. According to The Metro ‘87% of the population feel the weather has a direct influence on their mood’. This can make people feel fatigued and unmotivated thus leading to a great number of the population feeling ‘blue’. But not to threat, TeacherBoards Community has gathered lots of tips and advice on how to stick to your resolutions and lessons on inspiration to make you feel good to go.

Week three into January and we’re finding it difficult to remember why we signed up for the 10 miles fun run. Maybe you’re asking yourself ‘Does this healthy eating malarkey really matter?’. The work load you promised to keep on top of has grown significantly and is now staring down at you menacingly. If this sounds like you, you are definitely not alone. New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being difficult to stick to and you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage to stick to them all. We seem to envision our futures selves as magnificent motivated beings, and although it’s good to big yourself up, it doesn’t bode well in the long run to be unrealistic. With this in mind, maybe it’s time to rethink your motivations and make sure that you can fit them into the lifestyle you have. For example, exercising every day and sticking to a strict diet can be challenging when you’re working full time. Alternatively, you could opt for around 3 days a week of exercise (depending on your schedule) and find a way of balancing your diet without the pressure.

These personalised recipe boards are a great idea on keeping track on your eating habits and your spending. Making a weekly plan for a healthy, balanced diet makes it easier to stick to. This is because you can properly organise what ingredients you will need to buy and prep and freeze your meals at the start of the week to keep yourself on track. This recipe board designed for successful blogger and mother, Kelly Allen, works perfectly for keeping on track with your weekly recipes.

teacherboards printed and personalised recipe board
Source: KellyAllenWriter via TeacherBoards


Staying Organised

Another popular resolution that can be difficult to stick to is keeping organised or properly preparing for your future ventures. However, the lack of motivation that can be blamed on cold weather and general fatigue can cause your productivity levels to drop considerably. The best advice we can give you for keeping organised for the rest of year may help you set realistic goals on the tasks and deadlines you have in the future.

First off; lists, note-taking, and diary entries can be your best friend in these situations. Make a note of what you need to do before you forget it needs doing. Give yourself a reasonable deadline date, this may be different to your actual set deadline, so you are able to make any alterations if you need to.

Secondly, get rid of the clutter. We are surrounded by hoarders at work or at home and you may be completely surprised to discover you are probably one of them. ‘A tidy space is a tidy mind’ – this quote will come in very useful if you are able to throw away the junk that surrounds your home or your desk. Getting rid of old or unnecessary items such as paperwork can help you feel relaxed and productive. Make sure to file things appropriately rather than piling it into one big box and wondering why you ‘lost that thing you swore you saw a minute ago’.

You can combat both these issues at once by getting yourself a fabulous Rainbow Felt combination board from our TeacherBoards website. With a pinnable felt surface on one side for all your important notices and a dry-wipe whiteboard to keep track of all your notes and lists on the other, it will be hard NOT to keep organised.

teacherboards magnetic combination boards
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Keeping Dry This January

This next popular resolution is increasingly harder to stick to when it gets to the weekend. Dry January is the term given to the aim of not drinking alcoholic beverages throughout the month of January. People usually opt for this resolution as a way of making up for the vast amounts of alcohol they consumed over the Christmas period. If you are finding it difficult to stop yourself reaching for the wine after a hectic day why not sign yourself up to a fundraiser to help motivate you to stick to your guns. You will be less likely to give up on your ambition to stay ‘dry’ if you are doing it for a worthy cause. Head to the Alcohol Concern webpage for more information and advice on Dry January.

Have A Happy 2017!

This post-Christmas period can be enough to put anyone in a rut, as long as you’re taking extra care to look after yourself, you can be back to your old self in no time. If you have any top tips or inspirational quotes that might help us pull through the January blues, share them with on Twitter by tagging us @TeacherBoards, we’d love to hear from you!


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