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As a university student you will know by now that excessive note taking is a necessity. This is a great guide for back to uni students and university freshers, from creating organised plans for your essays to attempting to take notes from what seems to be the fastest talking lecturer in the world. TeacherBoards Community has created a blog post filled with super useful organisational tips for note taking at university. This is a great guide for back to uni students and university freshers

Colour Coding:

A notepad is extremely easier to read and pull out essential notes from when organised in a neat and specific structure. One way to achieve this is to colour code your notes, these Pinterest posts show how colour coding can help distinguish the important aspects of your note taking. Instead of attempting to skim your work for that all important quote that you swear you just saw a second ago, highlighting it in a bright colour will help your differentiate what parts of the text is important.

Source: TheRevisionGuide, Opbeausa


Take your time:

Obviously when a lecturer is zooming through their lesson you’re going to end up feeling rushed. Try making sure you fit in all the keywords they are mentioning instead of attempting to write the whole sentence. If your lecturer is going to put the entire presentation online, concentrate on what they are saying about the slides rather than copying what’s on the board. This helps the slideshow make more sense when you’re looking over it later on. At the end of the lecture it might be an idea to stay behind for a few minutes if you can and try jot down some useful info whilst it’s still fresh in your mind.

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Source: Determined to Succeed


Beautifying your notes:

This post from ‘Little Study Spot’ and ‘Determined to Succeed’ shows how you can make your notes look prettier using colours and simple symbols. These tips can help you connect your ideas and organise your original notes that are usually super rushed.

Source: Little Study Spot, Determined to Succeed



Re-write Your Notes:

Re-write your notes whenever you can. Not only will this make your notes more attractive and organised, but it will also help you revise the important information you’ve jotted down. If you have written in shorthand and not managed to write down full sentences, re-write your notes to help them make sense. It’s better to do this as soon as you can so you are able to make sense of all the key phrases you had to rush through. These amazing note taking ideas from ‘The Studying Dinosaur’ and ‘The Organised Student’ might inspire you to re-write and re-structure your notes to make them manageable to read and prettier to look at.

Source: The Organised Student, The Studying Dinosaur


Studying on the Go:

These beautiful flip cards are a great idea for note taking and studying on the go. If you have an exam coming up you could write down any key phrases and useful ideas on these well organised cards and read them whenever and wherever you get the chance!

Source: Studyblr


Rate My Studying

This studying set up by ‘Indigo’s Wonderful Mess’ shows all the necessities you need for creating some amazing annotations. Sticky notes are a colourful contributor to creating a well organised script. You can store these notes in your text books until you’re ready to revise (which may be some time).

Source: Coffee and Christmas Lights


Typing Vs. Writing

You might find it easier to type out all of your notes and store them on your computer; others find it more effective to write the notes down themselves. Either way this student’s note taking has been organised in a brilliant way. Scheduling your revision timetable is essential for making deadlines on time, you might think you can do an all-nighter the night before the deadline day but you will definitely regret it!

Source: Bistudying



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