7 Reasons Teachers Never Have Any Money

After enduring many long weeks working in a school, teachers leave for the holidays wondering where all their hard-earned money went. This blog post may shed some light on the reasons teachers never have any money and what it all went on.


stickers for school classroom
Source: John Fischer

Stickers have always been used for positive reinforcement and now come in what seems to be an infinite amount of designs, from sparkly to sporty, minuscule to enormous. You begin to collect sheets and sheets of ‘great work’ and ‘nice effort’ in order to keep the students in line in the classroom.



hello label for school
Source: Pixabay

You may have learnt the hard way but you now realise you need to label everything you own in the classroom without it being free game.


Source: Pixabay

It may be a tradition to bring in a box of Quality Street to celebrate the students getting through the school year, but who are they really for?

Dry Wipe Marker Pens

dry wipe pens from teacherboards
Source: Teacherboards

For the children who consistently forget to close the lid properly.

Inspirational Posters

inspirational poster for school
Source: J. Howard Miller

Meant to be for the students but they really help you through it too.

Alternatively, Classroom Rules Posters

school rules poster
Source: Teacher’s Pet

For when the inspirational posters don’t work and you have to revert to telling the students what you told them at the start of the year, every year.


Source: Ballpoint Pen Wikipedia

“I haven’t brought my pen” may possibly be the most used sentence in a classroom and you would have thought by now the repetitive telling off and reminder to bring one the next day would suffice. Alas, they have forgotten their pen again and your stash of neatly labelled pens is becoming scarce. Time to stock up for the third time this month.

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