7 Must Have Technology Gadgets for the Classroom

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Down With The Kids

As a secondary school teacher you may be aware that when it comes to teenage trends you are more than likely behind, despite thinking you are ‘down with it’. However, it can be extremely useful to acquaint you and your classroom with such trends so you can immerse your teaching into the modernised world your secondary school students are so familiar with. These gadget trends tend to become more high-tech and expensive through the years, it is important to consider and understand what can be useful for you and classroom. This year there has been a surge in virtual engagement with a rise in virtual reality ventures and virtual apps such as the enormously popular Pokémon Go.

It may seem unnecessary to bring in technological gadgets and creative bits and bobs into your classroom but it can prove to be highly useful. This is because these trends that can be incorporated within the classroom can help further relate your students with secondary school learning. It can make your lessons and your classroom become more creative and interesting thus being advantageous for you and your students.

Virtual Reality Headset

First on the list is the virtual reality headset. Suggested by EdTech, this technological contraption Adds new dimensions to learning and can be used in a whole range of subjects. This piece of technology is on many students’ Christmas lists this year as it can throw you into an alternate reality without having to leave your front room. This device can import theoretical learning into an active or practical environment. It is safe to use and there are various different portals to explore.

virtual reality classroom education
Source: Tesco


Phone Prison

When the time arises when your students need to not be distracted by technology this phone prison can come in handy. You can make this gadget yourself out of some simple objects; all you would need is a bucket or box and a creative streak for decorating the phone prison. This idea can help increase productivity in the classroom and is a fun way of creating rules your students need to stick to.

classroom decorations
Source: ConversationsInLiteracy

Fitbit for Kids

This next gadget would be good for physical education lessons would be the Fitbit for kids. This device can monitor your personal achievement, such as how many steps you have taken that day and how many stairs you have climbed. This help children become more involved in physical activity as they are able to monitor their own achievements and see where they could improve. It also is a good way of teaching what the body goes through every day.

fitbit kids physical education
Source: Currys

Scratch and Show World Map

Why not use this scratch and show map in your geography lesson? This beautifully designed poster can help you push the boat out on what countries and places you teach about. You can scratch the countries you have learnt about each week and it will create a brightly coloured poster to decorate your classroom.

geography decoration education
Source: FindMeAGift

School Stress Balls 

School can be a stressful time for you and your students. You can purchase these stress balls to help iron out any school related stress when you’re in a lesson. You can buy various different shapes and sizes that can blend in with the décor of the school room. This stress ball is shaped as a light bulb, maybe it could even conjur up some great ideas…

lightbulb stress education
Source: UKStressBalls

Classroom Creatives

You can also opt to keep your classroom looking trendy and creative by adding some fun looking accessories. These desktop devices are both fun to look and useful for everyday classroom tasks. This washi tape by coolpencilcase.com can allow you to decorate your classroom by adding a splash of colour to your student’s pieces of work and it won’t ruin your walls. Furthermore, this huge range of eraser shapes can make mistakes seem less daunting and maybe a bit delicious…

secondary school classroom decorations
Source: CoolPencilCase.com


Virtual Keyboard

Last but not least, this virtual keyboard can clear up space on your desk helping you keep organised and also feel a bit like James Bond due to its flashiness. This virtual keyboard works by using a Bluetooth device meaning you can type up your work just about anywhere.

virtual keyboards
Source: LightInTheBox




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