6 Ways to Success: Starting Back after the Summer Holidays

You may not want to hear about it yet, but the summer holidays will eventually come to an end and it’s best that you’re ready for it. Starting back after the school holidays can be a daunting task, the children seem to full of energy and enthusiasm, just not for maths, science or literature. You on the other hand, despite having 6 weeks of potential rest and relaxation, have more than likely had the complete opposite. TeacherBoards Community have put together a list of tips to help you get through your first day back.

Stay ahead of your game

An obvious candidate for many teachers, but staying organised and on top of your work load can be easier said than done. There are simple things you can do to help along with getting your first day ready and organised. Write a checklist, pre-plan everything (everything), make sure you’ve got spare pens, pencils and paper for the mass of students that still haven’t woken up from their last night of freedom.

Make sure you’re well rested

Continuing on from the previous statement, make sure you get a good couple of days sleep so you’re well rested for the first day back. Your class is more than likely to go through phases of high-energy to extreme irritation every few minutes due to an over-exciting six week and a lack of regular routine. In the last week or so, if you find you have yet to enjoy the sweet experience of genuine relaxation, take an hour or so before bed time without your phone, computer or work load to unwind your mind and set you up for a few good nights of rest.

Stick to your guns

You may begin to be rather impatient with your class on the first day back. The myth that ‘no one does any work on the first day back’ is embedded in the minds of many students, but this convention is something that needs to go straight out the window. Stick to your guns on the first day and follow through with the wonderful lesson plans that you have worked hard on all summer. If you begin to toy with idea that you all need ‘one more day off’ it will never work in your favour.

Encourage positive energy

Get up and about during your lessons. By inspiring movement and positivity it can help your class feel more motivated and improve productivity levels. Make the first day back at school a fun experience, this can also set you up for the rest of the year if your students are enjoying the lessons you have in store for them in the upcoming school year.

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Rules and Regulations

Remind your students who’s really in charge by letting them know the rules of the classroom and how you expect them to behave on a daily basis. You can read our previous post on how to handle classroom behaviour with tips and inspiration to nip this unnecessary conduct in the bud. Find it here on our TeacherBoards Community page.

Confidence is key

Be confident in yourself and all the hard work you’ve put into designing and analysing your lesson plans for the year will shine through. Furthermore, be confident in your class, they might surprise you with their behaviour when you show them you have faith in them all doing well.

If you have any tips or inspiration to give to other teachers for there first day back at school, let us know in the comments section below or send us a tweet on our Twitter page.



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