4 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Brains’ Active During the Summer Holidays

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As the six week holidays are currently in full swing your child’s brain activity may not be. Recent studies have shown that the lengthy time period of the six week holiday can affect the development of a children’s learning if they are not fully engaging with their educational minds. This blog post will highlight a number of ways to help keep children active during the holiday season; without them even realising they are learning.

Developing Your Child’s Social Skills

Studies have shown that prolonged amounts of time out of education can have a negative impact on a student’s concentration levels and behaviour. To overcome the negative effects of the holidays, keeping children active could stop the disturbances of these educational standstills. Working on both social and physical growth can work well for brain development and act as an educational reserve without the pressure of the classroom. One way of increasing brain activity during the holidays requires persuading children to spend time with their peers. The particular activities involved with socialising are helpful towards general growth and progression in co dependant behaviour. Signing up children to out of school clubs is a great way for them to start new relationships independently and develop their social skills.

Staying Active

Secondly, keeping active during the summer period is also an essential aspect of stabilising healthy brain development. Falling behind in extra-curricular activities is likely to occur during the summer as the holidays are depicted as a time for relaxation. However the urge to persistently relax can quickly turn into a stream of laziness and procrastination. Students need to be kept motivated and a healthy amount of physical activity will keep them energetic. This helps bypass the sluggish behaviour that occurs after a prolonged amount of time outside of the curricular timetable. Involvement in sports is the most common way of influencing physical activity and helps with concentration and motivation. However, sports may not be for everybody so getting involved in less competitive outdoor games could be the alternative. Days out to the park or short walks along local footpaths will help students stay on top of their energetic appetites without being excessive.

children outside

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Step Away from the Television

A surge in inactivity persistently leads to students spending extensive amounts time in front of the television. Studies have shown that watching excessive amounts of television can actually damage the structure of a young person’s brain. Sitting in front of the TV for long time periods during the day has been consistently associated with having a negative impact on intellectuality and brain development. Attempting to persuade children to play outside instead of sitting in front of the television all day may seem like a pipedream but a recent surge in GPS related apps may come in handy in these daunting times. The Pokémon Go app is currently a popular trend amongst the adolescents, and although it is still technologically inspired, children have begun to be involved in outdoor activity again. This particular app is said to have had a positive impact on social skills and mental health. Furthermore, this also increases brain activity due to a rise in psychical activity.

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Indoor Games for British Summer Time

The British summer has always been temperamental so for the days that require indoor activity, educational board games may be the answer. Board games can be helpful towards concentration levels and problem solving. Popular games such as Monopoly can be educational in the mathematics sector, along with Scrabble that can be helpful with spelling. Alternatively, indoor games such as Pictionary and Hangman are useful for factors such as socialising and spelling and don’t require a large amount of mess. Teacherboards offers a range of mini whiteboards and accessories that are useful for these educational board games for the rainy summer days spent indoors.

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