3 Target Setting Printables for the New School Year

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Teacherboards Community has created some super useful templates that are available to print out and use in your classroom. These templates are suitable for either KS2, KS3, and KS4 and aim to help students progress in the classroom and achieve their intellectual goals. These colourful and educational printable resources are great to print out and use as classroom decor as the new school year approaches.

KS2 Classroom

This KS2 progress chart helps student understand when their behaviour is acceptable or when they are being disruptive or inappropriate. Their is also a ‘teacher notes’ section where teachers can explain where they are going wrong or why they might not be hitting their goals. Alternatively, it is also a space for rewarding comments.

Click on the link to download the template (3 pages)


KS3 Classroom

This classroom behaviour template is a nice way of keeping the classroom bright and positive. Each petal on the chart signifies an important rule which the class is following.

Click on the link to download the template (2 pages)


KS4 Classroom

This printable template is great for the KS4 classrooms whilst they’re getting ready for upcoming exams. This template gives students top tips and useful guidance to follow when creating a revision schedule.

Click on the link to download the template (1 page)


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